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Reflection Upon The Living

It is always fun doing things that might not be morally appropriate. What could be worst than having the knowledge of being wrong and still not rectify? 191 more words


Mask that you choose for...them

A piece of poetry is open to all the possible interpretations. It is meant to be mysterious yet can stir confused rush of emotions.

Such is the rhythm of life. 159 more words


Dilemmas of life

In your everyday life, you often face many captivating situations where silly yet tricky dilemmas seize you. After little considering, you submit yourself to a final decision and proceed. 133 more words


Something From Nothing

She plays with a ball of thread as I watch her undoing the entire roll with her tiny paws. The union of each part with another in the profusion of thread dyed violet convinced her that this thread roll is never coming to an end. 97 more words


Rush Of Emotions-Behind The Scene

Saying it out loud is like letting the universe conspire against the efforts you put to keep down the rush. Many would say why suppress? But, not all is meant to be felt or expressed. 207 more words


Universe residing within...

Relishing the vastness of this universe, he wonders if it ever can be approachable? The archer standing under the green spotted with some peeking-blue sky. Is it true what people say that the universe is beyond the approach? 168 more words


Flat Earth!

I was listening to an interview on NPR with astronaut Scott Kelly about his experiences in the International Space Station.┬áIn the course of the interview he made the comment that some people still don’t believe man has gone into space. 172 more words