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Seafood pasta with tomato and wild mushroom sauce

Frozen wild mushrooms from waitrose

This recipe is a favourite of mine that reminds me of my most favourite man on earth, my dad. It’s his recipe, which is a hit in his popular Singapore restaurant, and this was my first attempt at recreating it, under his strict instructions. 853 more words


Creamy Asparagus & Wild Mushroom Risotto

Until yesterday evening, my feelings towards risotto weren’t so tender. Until yesterday, risotto was synonymous with ‘soggy’, ‘heavy’, ‘bland’, I could go on. So, when Will told me that he was cooking risotto for Valentine’s Day dinner, I didn’t mention this for three reasons. 394 more words


A mushroom medley

More mushroom learning required.  Shades from red to grey.  One looks like a strange coral, funnily enough commonly called a coral mushroom (as I discovered on… 138 more words


The Residence, Nantwich 6/10 (9/10)

Family gatherings are so important and often they are celebrated with a meal. I recently went for lunch with my wife and her parents to celebrate my mother-in-law’s birthday. 445 more words


Week 1: Mushroom Ciabatta

Week one is off to a delicious start with a Wild Mushroom Ciabatta. I used Peter Reinhart’s recipe in The Bread Bakers Apprentice, my go to bread book which at some point during this process I’m going to have to do a write-up on. 375 more words


The search for sexy soup - delivered by a fungi

I’m bored by soup. Yes I know it is nutritious and a great way to put energy into your body while being filling at the same time but I could count on one hand the really good memorable soups I have had. 541 more words


Morel Morals

A Missed Opportunity

When there’s not much to do in the garden, it’s a time to look back to see what mistakes and what accomplishments I have made during the season.   424 more words