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Ramping Around: Foraging with Chef Doug

Last week some of our staff members took to the forests of Vermont to harvest ramps. Found in the spring, ramps are wild onions that look similar to scallions or leeks and taste like a spicy garlicky onion.  245 more words

Hotel Vermont

War on Weeds

From January onward weeds sprout and grow here with a vengeance. By spring they are in full attack mode. They grow everywhere not covered in concrete. 579 more words


Foraging for our Food

The Northwest Coast is an incredibly rich environment. Between wild edibles and the bounty from the sea, I don’t think you can starve on this amazing coastline. 360 more words

Wild Foods

Ramps: An Easy to Identify, Delicious Wild Food

Also called wild leeks, “ramps” (Allium tricoccum) are a delicious addition to any meal and a joy to seek and harvest. I never encountered ramps until I was an adult, as I have never seen them growing in the regions of Maine where I spent my childhood. 319 more words


Ramp-ing Up the Flavor

In early Spring, you can spend a fortune buying ramps at the Farmer’s Market. Or, if you are lucky as I am, you can walk down to the nearby stream and harvest the ramps yourself. 280 more words


TWIN PEAKS - " Got Your Money "


If you’ve been hoping to hear more of Twin Peaks’ ragtag garage pop since devouring last year’s debut, “Wild Onion”, you’re in luck. 102 more words


Signs of Spring

April 11, 2015

My sheep were sold last summer, so my fields are void of baby lambs this spring. I do miss the soft bleats on the wind. 184 more words

April 2015