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Ramps, Leeks, or Wild Onions

Ramps, Leeks, or Wild Onions are one of the first tasty morsels to pop out the ground in the early spring in the forests of Eastern North America. 620 more words

Early Spring

What to Forage Now: Dandelion Leaves and Wild Onions

My basic theory of gardening is that plants want to grow. And if they want to grow — if they spring up on their own and we can eat them, don’t interfere. 643 more words

Springtime Treasures

Someone told me she was collecting waterfalls. She meant that she and her husband hunt for accessible waterfalls, she takes pictures, and then can recall each trickling or thundering one of them. 663 more words

Quin feels the Beach

Quin has been saying that she wants to go to the beach. I thought a trip to Laurel Lake this summer would be a great way to share a beach and a piece of my childhood with all the girls, maybe Sage, too. 66 more words

"Enough! Go! Read!" Tanka 348

dishes and dinner

keep calling – book says to me

don’t answer that call

i hung the wash-n-dry tees

set wild garlic and onions

J Richards

"Just The Two"

Just two* wild onions

survived the Summer planting:

time to do research?

*(the wild onions were found when I transferred my bunching onions to more delicious soil in container pots – the better to move them about in sun-catcher fashion.  74 more words

J Richards