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Lying Lions: Report of Wild Things #4

The job: Leading peace talks between two Congolese warlords whose men are practically snarling at each other

The team:

  • Sergeant Sam, a Street Samurai who flirts no matter the odds…
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Wild Things

wild things 06-26

wild ideas + pencil sketch + photoshop colors :-)

Wild Things

Wild Things session 5 announcement

On the 30th of june, we’ll be playing the fifth and final Wild Things game, Hunters Hunted. This run will stretch over a significant part of Awakened Africa. 112 more words

Wild Things

spirit bear

‘The all white Kermode or Spirit Bear is the rarest of North American bears. They are of great spiritual significance to the Pacific Northwest First Nations community who consider its appearance is a very good omen.’

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Wild Things: Grizzly No. 72, matriarch of Lake Louise, presumed dead

For the second time in a matter of years, a well-known female grizzly bear hasn’t returned to her regular spots in Banff National Park.

No. 72, one of the… 612 more words

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