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well-being & being well

There’s a mindset that runs a mythical story asserting that one’s “accomplishment” of awakening, and the attendant ease of well-being, is negated or compromised by any experience of being unwell. 341 more words

A Savage Wisdom

three haiku from cloud mountain hermitage

At the beginning of this month I moved into an old (but beautifully renovated) farm cottage on Kiels Mountain, on the Sunshine Coast hinterland, Queensland, Australia. 105 more words


wounded, weary, and wideawake

The invasion was unexpected and uninvited; it happened
one numinous now
when the minder of memories had her back turned.

In crept wild wideawakeness, sleuthing… 188 more words


inexpressible | inescapable


no earthly alphabet
can scribe with line or letter
this furtive, fundamental

yet see!
It is laid bare
across creation
ever available, inescapable… 8 more words

Intimate Suchness

the myth of merging


Expressing the inexpressible is so tricky.  As soon as words are uttered – or even thought – there’s duality by default, and the inexpressible is nondual by default. 75 more words

Intimate Suchness

never will you meet such an unapologetic narcissist


I settle on my zafu
poised as the Presence
of a world displayed –
a world whose appearance
is wholly dependent upon
the sensory capacity… 158 more words


home-brand no-frills awareness


she’s poised for another departure,
leaving the mountain and the cottage called Bliss

a woman without a past or a future,
a woman who is no woman or thing… 63 more words

Intimate Suchness