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wild dream

thought of the lasting flavor

and lets keep on the path

as we capture energy in the power of may

and all it can become… 46 more words



we headed straight into that green darkness
that mountainous forest, heavy, rich
dripping in it’s own verdant opulence
there still are not enough words for trees… 73 more words



she posts him a clip
a hummingbird snoring
digital wilds


© Steve Mitchell 2016


Eating Well on the Trail

For years I have relied on store bought dehydrated meals while hiking and camping. In most instances you can find brands like Mountain House and Backpacker’s Pantry with many options from breakfast to dessert. 369 more words


ENFP: The Champion of Broken Plans

Today has been one of those days where the best laid plans simply fell apart. I wouldn’t say it’s been a bad day, just a day that didn’t want to go according to plan, but it’s got me thinking. 21 more words