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Monday Marginala - The House Came With Jack

As you know our last kitty died while we were on our cruise in February. I do not do well without a kitty. Plans were to get a kitten when the spring kitten season came. 344 more words

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Monday Marginalia - Norwegian Dawn

In February the week of Valentine’s Day Mike and I took a cruise. With the crazy changes that hit fast and furious after mainly related to the move I didn’t get to post about it. 107 more words

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Wednesday Wildcard -Cozumel

In Cozumel Mike chose the Jeep excursion.  It was one where you drove a Jeep about the island in a tour to see ruins, a national park, spent time on the beach, and have lunch.   150 more words

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Wednesday Wildcard - Roatan

Another stop on our cruise was Roatan, Honduras.  Though there the natives were quick to disassociate themselves from Honduras on the mainland.  They really thought of themselves as different and separate.   77 more words

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Wednesday Wildcard - A Heartbreaking Farewell to Mr. Blue

Mr. Blue was always the care taker of the Kitties.  He was the fearless leader who made sure to divide his time among laps in the room.   260 more words

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Wednesday Wildcard - Costa Maya

With all that happened in my life, travel posts got shoved to the very back burner then put in the freezer until later.  One was our wonderful week long cruise to Central America.   84 more words

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Do you know what I love to see in an artist? Someone who goes against the grain and is always pushing the boundaries. Cece is one of those girls who went off the beaten path and it really paid off. 624 more words