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Wildcard Subdomains in MVC5 and Azure WebApp

If you’re here, I’m going to assume you already know what Wildcard Subdomains are.  The point of this post is to teach you how to get them to work in your MVC application, both on your dev machine, and on Azure WebApps. 232 more words

A lot can change in seven weeks: A quick look back, then ahead

One of my favorite things about every NFL season is how we form a framework of the league in our heads, using what we watch and our own preconceptions to position teams. 1,327 more words


The Brutal Exclusion | WILDCARD

Making its way into our first entry for the WildCard segment, Brutal Expulsion has hardly seen any competitive play in recent formats. Most sentiments were that the 4-drop spell was too mana consuming and of little relevance in the current meta. 574 more words


Dead Man's Pants

He must have had style and he must have had taste…
holy crap


A thing or two about proximity and wildcard searches in MarkLogic

In this article we explore proximity and wildcard searches in MarkLogic, and take a look at a few of the related index settings to improve accuracy of the search results. 2,055 more words


Exciting news

I’ve been busy with a cross-country move, but I just thought I’d poke in to share two bits of exciting news.

The first is that the Magic of Math, which I illustrated, is listed as a New York Times Best–Seller in Education. 63 more words


The Great Wildcard Debate

The international break is a horrible time for Fantasy Premier League managers.  Not only does the absence of club football leave a gaping hole in our lives, there’s the risk of players picking up injuries somewhere in Europe or further afield. 483 more words