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Drone-fly ( Eristalis tenax)

This stocky hoverfly is the commonest ‘drone’ fly, so called because they mimic bee drones (male hive bees). The orange marks on the abdomen are variable so are not a reliable identification feature, though most specimens have a single pair near to the thorax. 14 more words

Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve

Chironomus plumosus.

Sunrise: 06.14    Sunset: 08.05

This is Chironomus plumosus, common everywhere, very small, one of the blood worms, and one of the many similar species known as non-biting midges


Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve

Proof and Pudding. (3 images)

Sunrise: 06.25 Sunset: 07.56

Looking up from checking my emails, I saw a fox pop out from the den/warren I posted about the other night: 162 more words

Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve

The toads have arrived at North Pond. (3 images)

Sunrise: 06.39 Sunset: 07.46

The toads arrived at North Pond yesterday. I checked out the pond on Wednesday, but no toads. They were 22 days earlier last year. 8 more words

Wilden Marsh

Improved Northern River Pasture.

Sunrise: 06.07 Sunset: 06.24

This area is almost impassable during the growing season, with eight foot high Himalayan balsam and other vegetation barring the way. 61 more words

Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve