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Enjoy The Canoe Trip with Camp Pathfinder

Most parents face a problem when their children stay in the house for the entire day during their summer vacations. Since they don’t have school, they don’t feel tired and are always getting into mischief. 231 more words

Enjoying Wilderness Canoe Trips with The Expertise of Camp Pathfinder

Spending the summer holidays with exciting experiences is the dream of boys in the age group of seven to sixteen years although parents are often apprehensive about the safety of their children. 243 more words

The Nahanni

A Twenty-One Day Wilderness Canoe Trip

The Nahanni for me is mythic. Like the Nile, or the Amazon. I first heard of it at fifteen from a school teacher. 818 more words

Enjoy Canoe Trip Camp with Your Friends

Canoe camping is one of the most exciting, physically challenging and incredible experience. It is full of amazing moments. It is designed for boys who want to experience something new and exciting during their summer vacation. 186 more words

Join Summer Camps in Vacation to Develop Your Confidence

Vacations are the right time when you can learn something new and exciting things. You can also explore a new place with your loved ones and spend a quality time with them. 196 more words