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Flu Treatment from the Forest

With flu season at its peak and with several high-profile reported flu deaths, thoughts turn to preservation of self and family.  The public at large has come to rely on being protected by use of the “flu shot” or nasal mist.   419 more words

BUSAR Update - December & January..

Training – We trained at Lookrock in both December and January. December focused on hypothermia treatment, SKED packaging, and high angle recovery.

January focused on multiple reps of steep angle, with sessions after dark as well. 123 more words

Wilderness Survival

Disinfecting Wounds: Iodine vs. Alcohol

This is the short, sweet and simple low down of Iodine versus Alcohol (and even Hydrogen Peroxide) in the use of cleaning and disinfecting wounds. 288 more words


High-Altitude Illness (NEJM) - Hackett and Roach

Now classic article by former St. Mary’s ER physician and altitude medicine expert, Dr Peter Hackett:


Emergency Medicine

Lobelia inflata, Lobelia

Botanical Name:   Lobelia inflata

Common Names:  asthma weed, bladderpod, gagroot, Indian tobacco, lobelia, pukeweek, rapuntium inflatum, vomitroot

Family:  Campanulaceae (Lobeliaceae or Lobelioideae)

Class:  Expectorant, diaphoretic, anti-asthmatic… 819 more words

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Tick-Borne Diseases

From a 2014 lecture by Dr William Lockwood (ID):

The most common:  RMSF and Lyme disease (most likely to be on the Boards).  But there are others! 352 more words

Family Medicine/Pearls

Building an Emergency First Aid Kit

One of the most difficult things I find in preparing to go outdoors is downsizing the amount of medical stuff I take with me.  I know this probably sounds crazy, but it’s true!   2,727 more words

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