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Wilderness Medicine 101

By Sean McNamara, MD

This article contains broad and over simplified medical recommendations and should not be interpreted as definitive medical management. The right thing to do in ALL scenarios is seek professional emergency assistance.  1,248 more words

Bleeding Control Guide

Question: what was the number one preventable cause of death in the Vietnam War?  If you said hemorrhage of the extremities you would be correct.  Because of this the United States Army spent millions teaching soldiers to deal with hemorrhage control.   1,359 more words


Hoping for the best, expecting the worst: A Backcountry Serenity Prayer

So there I am, walking down the trail, chatting amiably with my companions, when we hear shouting. There, around the corner, is a pretty gruesome scene. 1,458 more words


The Importance of Wilderness Medicine

-Colin Grey

As the number of people engaging in outdoor sports such as hiking, climbing, backcountry skiing, and kayaking increases, the traffic in the backcountry increases. 653 more words


Rescuing Naked Foragers...

Three worlds collide in a BigPig news update..

Due to technical difficulties, a.k.a. moving further into the mountains, I have had limited computer access of late, but stuff has been brewing in the land of many pigs.. 258 more words

Search And Rescue

Wilderness Medical Training

I’m in the middle of my third training in wilderness medicine.  I’m what’s called a WFR, a Wilderness First Responder, and to keep my certification up to date I periodically have to re-certify.   438 more words


BUSAR Training - Ski's March of the Skedco..

My only experience with a Skedco before March’s training was hauling out a dead body a couple years back, so when Ski told me he had acquired a couple for our training weekend, I was excited to ride in one. 167 more words

Search And Rescue