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You have a landscape etched into your soul. One day you will take a step, unassuming, into a new place. The magnificence of it will stand before you and your heart will whir like a hummingbird’s wings in recognizance of outside surroundings that at last match what is written on the inside of your being. 392 more words


The Veins on The Forest leaves

The light hush of wind shattered the silence. Even broken into small pieces it still shimmered, and she thought it more beautiful that way. Like little slivers of the galaxy it gleamed. 536 more words


Preparing For The Smokies - One Night Hike

New Era Michigan


In my last post I mentioned that I am an inexperienced hiker. To this end, I decided it would be best to acclimate myself to the hiking and camping I will be doing in just a few short weeks. 493 more words


Wild Flowers and Mountains

By: Thomas Belskie
July 24, 2017

Your hamstrings and calves cry out in pain. They are in a state of all out revolt and anarchy each step of the way. 116 more words


When Kedarkanta Happened!

The year 2016 was particularly difficult for me. Certain things happened that negatively impacted my personal environment changing the course of my life, perhaps forever. Alongside something else happened. 1,740 more words


I'm a Brand Ambassador for Mountain House!

It’s a privilege and an honor to be able to represent companies that I have a great respect for as well as a passion for their product. 44 more words

Demi Semi Pemi - June 2017

59 pics and some random babbling from a three night June trip that started along Franconia Ridge and returned along Franconia Brook.

What most folks think of as the Pemi Loop – Franconia Ridge on one side and the Bonds on the other in whichever direction you favor – is really more of a “semi” Pemi loop since you cut down the middle of the Pemigewasset Wilderness rather than taking in the eastern side. 2,062 more words