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Does the weather affect bird migration?

In a nut shell, yes. If you search bird migration and the weather 100’s of pages will appear that tend to start off the same way. 323 more words


Fowl play: Cooking game birds the right way

Sheryl and I have been learning the ropes of gourmet cooking for quite some time now. While we look forward to bringing home some freshly hunted venison this season, we’re also psyched about getting a couple of birds our way, too. 276 more words

Just Kidding

After my visit to Natural Capital it transpired that going to stay with a friend would involve a shorter journey time than heading home and therefore require less energy. 408 more words


Little baby duck at Fair Haven Lake in Lytham St Annes

via Flickr http://flic.kr/p/wy2RJt


Alberta issues environmental order after oil sands heron deaths

Click to enlargePhoto by Denny Green

Alberta’s energy regulator…has ordered Syncrude Canada to develop a wildlife mitigation plan and publish more information following the death of 30 blue herons at an oil sands site in the Canadian province.

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Pešt'any - bird life on the river

It was nice to see the herons again after what seems like a long absence The cygnets were calm and dignified and could be left to drift for themselves while mother swan groomed herself and father swan kept respectful distance. 26 more words


Duck Junkies

Duck Junkies was founded to recognize the people who live in the Flyways of North America’; which represent one of the greatest natural links on the continent. 135 more words