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February 1st

Clearly it was nice weather for ducks, though it wasn’t raining. Out in the centre of the main lake eight shovelers were circling for food. These bountifully-beaked dabbling ducks like to feed as though on a merry-go-round, paddling in companionable circles as they corral snacks between them. 349 more words

Nature Notes

Mute Swan

Going back a few weeks now, I started the year with a superb early morning visit to Holywell Pond. One of the first things I saw was the resident male Mute Swan, in the process of evicting last year’s young from the vicinity of the pond. 114 more words

Schoolboy Errors



When we eventually leave school and begin our first jobs we forgive ourselves – and are forgiven by others – for the mistakes and mishaps that afflict us. 433 more words


Swans - Week Three

If two swallows don’t make a summer then two days of snow don’t make a Winter, and that’s all we have had up to now here in Manchester, but there’s still plenty of time for that to change. 311 more words


Mr & Mrs

‘A Short Post From Swanblog’

As part of my longform ‘Swanwatch’ I’m looking for two that make a mating pair so I can observe and document their lives throughout the year, here are two likely candidates. 260 more words


Winter Wonder

It is so often the birds that light up the dull winter days.  This is in part due to the fact that most other creatures are dormant or simply just keeping out of sight; perhaps in view of this my opening sentence loses something of any impact it might have had!  354 more words


Wildfowl revisited

How are you at identifying geese? How many of these can you identify? If it helps, they are all hybrids (and I have seen at least six of them with goose flocks in Britain). 245 more words

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