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Opinions split on removing grizzly protections

By TIM STOVER/Montana State News

Grizzly bears are soon to be delisted from the Endangered Species List for the first time since 2007, according to the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks. 376 more words


More bears is leading to more human conflicts

By VIRGINIA HOLST/Montana State News

In recent years, human encounters with grizzly bears have been on the rise. Since 2010, there have been seven fatal grizzly attacks in the Northern Rockies, according to the Washington Post. 274 more words


1,300 bison to be sent to slaughter

By EMILY SCHABACKER/Montana State News

Some 1,300 wild bison from the greater Yellowstone area were sentenced to slaughter in earlier this month due to a potential brucellosis outbreak and overpopulation of the species within the park. 468 more words


Fox’s at the British Wildlife Centre

The British wildlife centre is located on the border between Surrey and Kent and is packed with British wildlife such as Foxes, owls, red squirrels, badgers, polecats, etc. 71 more words



Taking a break from our coast hugging journey we turned eastward to Yosemite National Park for two days.Beautiful autumn weather, breathtaking scenery: no need for explanations, I think the photos tell the story…



There is just no excuse for this raccoon’s rudeness. I don’t always have the feeders full…in fact, most of the time they’re not full. If I filled them all the way, these little stinkers would just eat four dollars worth of birdseed in one meal!