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The Southern Highlands

The Southern Highlands of New South Wales introduced me to Australia’s wildlife. I saw cockatoos in the garden, a rather large lizard crawling into a pipe, colourful parrots, a kookaburra gazing down at me from a branch as I looked up at him, and I gave some curious magpies a piece of plum. 371 more words


Frog or Toad 1/9/18

Can you tell if this is a frog or a toad? Try to make a guess below! If you need some tips read this. Also if you want to know what exactly are the differences between frogs and toads,  10 more words

Frog Or Toad

Best Catches of 2017

This big Northern Leopard Frog I found driving home from a friend’s house. It was in the middle of the road and i had to swerve to avoid it. 37 more words


'Otmoor 2000 AD: a reflection on an English landscape and its community'

edited by Bruce Tremayne and Ann Lackie (Lingard)

Published by The Otmoor Group, 2001; ISBN 0-9539682-0-0

This is a book about Otmoor, a unique area just North-West of Oxford. 134 more words


Selling this cherished Arctic landscape to the highest bidder is a grievous mistake

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is one of the last intact wild landscapes on Earth – and the largest wilderness left in the US. The 19.6m-acre swath of mountains and tundra is publicly owned and ecologically unique. 416 more words

Craugastoridae - Fleshbelly Frogs

by Sean Michael Rovito

by Sean Michael Rovito

by Esteban Alzate

Suborder: Neobatrachia
Number of Genera: 4*
Number of Species: 100~ or 800~*

Craigastoridae is a family of direct developing frogs from the southern United States all the way down to South America. 38 more words

Family Friday

Move to Vwaza

Today we moved to the research camp at Vwaza nature reserve. This camp has been closed for a couple of months and is still in the process of being built fully. 351 more words