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Numero Uno

On Friday, I posted that the bluebirds’ new nest appeared just about ready for the second clutch of eggs.  Today, I discovered the first egg has been laid!   30 more words

Powder puff rear end...

As many of you may know by now, the Little Grebe is a frustrating subject for my novice photographic talent. I call them affectionately my “Kiss my arse” birds, meaning “ 570 more words


Life in the Amazon

It feels late. Really late. But surprisingly it’s only 8:48pm and I’m already in bed. With a mosquito net securely covering my bed, I can safely fall asleep knowing that no creepy crawlies nor mosquitoes will wake me during the night. 1,421 more words


Park Planting in Pamplona...

This is a new park in Pamplona. I cycle past it everyday. They took down the temporary fence a couple of weeks ago.
When I noticed the poppies growing in the grass, I smiled. 149 more words


A morning at Rajbagh...

January 25, 2015

It was a cold winter morning in Ranthambhore National Park. For 3 days Krishna (T19) and her young battalion of 3 cubs had concealed themselves in a patch of grass on the edges of the lake where they were feeding on a sambar kill. 71 more words


Owl Pellet's

“A pellet, in ornithology, is the mass of undigested parts of a bird’s food that some bird species occasionally regurgitate. The contents of a bird’s pellet depend on its diet, but can include the… 21 more words

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