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How to Become a Member of the Wildlife Conservation Society

A graduate of the University of Miami, where he studied finance, Thomas Avellino has served New Jersey-based MJ Partners Group since 2004. Further to his work, Thomas Avellino contributes to the Bronx Zoo, which the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) oversees. 150 more words

Thomas Avellino

Trees are life!

Trees are vital for the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat and the climate we rely on. This poster is from a series of environmental education materials produced by WCS Tanzania and features species from the Southern Highlands. 24 more words


East Africa's rarest monkey

First discovered by WCS scientists in 2003, kipunji are large arboreal monkeys, known globally from just two sites in southwest Tanzania. Kipunji are East Africa’s rarest monkey and one of the world’s 25 most threatened primates. 11 more words


The threat of poison to vultures and carnivores

Retaliatory poisoning is one of the main reasons why both carnivore and vulture populations are in rapid decline across Africa. Information collected by the Ruaha Carnivore Project… 46 more words

Wildlife Conservation Society

WCS Tanzania priority species

We focus our species conservation on nine priority taxa, which are chosen for their ecological importance, degree of threat, endemism, iconic status, value in arousing action as flagship species as well as historical and global links with WCS.


The value of vultures

Vultures are extremely important in preventing the spread of disease, regulating scavenger populations and spreading nutrients across the landscape. These services keep ecosystems stable, safeguarding human health and livelihoods. 95 more words

Wildlife Conservation Society

Sharks and rays in the southwest Indian Ocean

The southwest Indian Ocean is one of the last remaining strongholds for sharks and rays. At least 211 species are currently known to be found in the region – nearly a quarter of all shark and ray species globally. 39 more words