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The Best Camera for Outdoor and Wildlife Photography

Digital technology has been around long enough that I occasionally forget there are many people that have never used anything but small-sensored point and shoot digicams. 545 more words


Missed Opportunity - Friday Fictioneers

Missed Opportunity

“There! Shoot it!” exclaimed Glover.

Award-winning wildlife photographer Burton Hinton brought his camera up. “Where?”

“Between the train cars!”

Burton’s reflexes had always served him well. 137 more words

Short Fiction

Nesting Time [Atlantic Puffin]

I’m going to miss my trip to Skokholm this year, having been there for the past two seasons. I hear from their blog (you should check it out) that the Puffins have started to return and begin the cycle all over again. 102 more words

Wildlife Photography

Oakley Street Canvasbacks

The Canvasback ducks have been quite busy having a conference at Oakley Street in Cambridge, Maryland. Seems its time that they start planning their escape to the north. 60 more words


I'm Not Like the Others - Delmarva Fox Squirrel

Hi ! My name is Fred and I’m not like the other squirrels. In fact, I’m an endangered Delmarva Fox Squirrel.

My cousins and I only number around 20,000 and live in the eastern shore of Maryland and Virginia. 37 more words


The unknowable path ahead

Just seeing that merganser thrusting herself up to get a better view makes me smile. With water droplets falling off her feathers, it looks like she’s straining to see the future. 399 more words


Elusive Mr. Fox

Now that the snow and ice have finally melted, I’ve been continuing my search for Mr. Fox. When the snow fell, I attempted to identify and follow said Mr. 349 more words