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Nature Photographer of the Day - John Shaw

 John Shaw is our Nature Photographer of the Day.  He is one of the most famous Nature Photographers in the world.  To learn more about him, and his work; please visit the link below that goesto his bio page and website as well.

John Shaw Bio Page


Majestic Soarer

A Great White Pelican flies majestically through the skies.

Take off, however, may not be so majestic as there’s a lot of splashing around- but once in flight, they soar effortlessly with such grace. 126 more words


Giddy up, Saddle Bill

The Saddle-billed stork is one of the tallest and vibrantly coloured storks around. With a 13” sharp beak in the same colour scheme as the Ugandan flag, this dashing bird has been named this way due to the yellow saddle-shaped section under its eyes.  93 more words


Pocket-sized Antelope

The dik-dik: the second smallest antelope in the world.

Reaching 40cm/16in at the shoulder, these pocket-sized and dainty creatures can hide easily in thickets when under threat. 167 more words