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Friday Fact | Elephants

Why do elephants flap their ears?

Blood vessels transport the warm blood from the elephant’s body to the intricate network of veins behind the ears. When the elephant flaps its ears, it cools down the blood in the vessels before it is transported back to the body. 23 more words


Guest Post. Lieve Snellings, Photographer and Childrens Writer.

I was delighted when Children’s author Lieve Snellings offered to share some tips on photographing nature.

Nothing gives more peace than photographing nature.

About 10 years ago I was introduced to the heavenly pleasure of nature photography. 564 more words

Friday Fact: Giraffes

The longest mammal on land?

Yes, you guessed it – the giraffe. The giraffe reaches an average of 5meters. However, the tallest giraffe on record was measured at 5.8meters! 34 more words


How photography has changed me .

I’ve always had an interest in photography every since I was small . I always used  point and shoot cameras , than came cell phones and always seamed to use that , ended up getting a canon T3i and after that seamed like everything just expanded .I buy everything used as most know cameras are not cheap . 176 more words


Snowy Owls

People always ask me where i find my wildlife .I spend a lot of time in the woods or driving back roads .Sometimes just have to open your eyes and see beyond the cars. 107 more words


Kenneth Kearney and Robt Sarazin Blake

This week on Bellingham Art Beat is nature and concert photographer Kenneth Kearney. Kenneth shares his unique perspective on how to capture the right moment when he is out in the wild or at a concert venue. 144 more words

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