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Pronghorns - Yellowstone NP

The Pronghorn is the fastest North American land animal, capable of reaching speeds of up to 60 miles per hour. The pronghorn’s speed is its main defense against predators coupled with its excellent hearing and sight makes it a hard animal to ambush. 22 more words



This girl just has it all a bit of sweetness mixed with that sassy hairdo. Hey guys what’s not to like here.

A female Hooded Merganser swimming in a small melted patch in an otherwise frozen pond near Clear Creek, Denver.

Selecting the Right Photo Size

Talking about photo sizes, megapixels, dpi (dots per inch), and ppi (pixels per inch) can become complicated, so we’ve tried to simplify the process. The terms dpi and ppi are often used interchangeably, although technically they have slightly different meanings. 458 more words

Nature Photography

Winter Wolf

Gray Wolf (Canis lupus)
Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, Alaska
Canon 7D w/ Canon 100-400mm lens @ 370mm
1/250 sec @ f5.6 iso 500
*captive subject
© G. Runco / Teklanika Photography 2017


The Great Escape

This heron was not impressed by my presence, and made the great escape in very short order.

Day 477