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Wild Pig Destruction

I have read about the damage wild pigs perform across South Carolina to crops, gardens, yards, anything they can root up, but this was the first time I had seen them in action. 183 more words

South Carolina

tales from the farm

Spending a lot of time on farmland, you notice the changes in seasons, farming practices, and the coming and going of wildlife as well. We’re seeing the signs that winter is around the corner and I am already beginning to dread the cold, wet, and endless darkness that will be upon us in no time at all. 499 more words


Six reasons to love gulls

Gulls are not exactly everyone’s favourite birds. They’re often fairly plain and overlooked, and some of the more piratical ones have taken to violently stealing people’s chips and ice cream. 445 more words



During the summer months, the woods and meadows around the Mote of Mark at Rockliffe come alive with orchids.

Over the past few months I have been heavily involved in monitoring and protecting the orchids across a number of our NTS properties, from fundraising guided walks with our members group to fencing off habitats to protect against livestock grazing. 453 more words


Talking To Me, Spoonbill

Actually I think he was yawning, but that makes a terrible title.

Click for a good close look… in his mouth 7 more words


Admire The Hustle: How Bryan The Mensah is Defining The Concept of 'Indie Artist'

In an industry with no recognized structures -big labels, financial backing and major distribution channels – the work of the independent (indie) artist is back breaking. 735 more words