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Broad Bodied Chaser: the boys in blue | Nature Notes from Dorset

Bright blue is a popular colour amongst odonata. In damselflies we see this in the common blue and azure damselflies and three or four other less common species and in dragonflies there is the mighty emperor of course as well as keeled and black-tailed skimmer but this beauty is the impressive male broad-bodied chaser ( 83 more words


Old but Unfamiliar Territory 

There are some major shifts happening in my Spiritual life right now. I don’t have to words yet to explain it fully yet. It seems my visit to the North has been interrupted by what is apparently a home coming in the Mediterranean. 195 more words


Ocean animals have mushroomed in size

By Kate Baggaley

Ocean animals have been getter bigger over the last half-billion years. Not a little bigger. Not even a lot bigger. They have mushroomed gigantically, scientists now conclude. 352 more words


Share Your World: Week 9

This week’s challenge from Cee was tough – or rather, two of the questions were really tough and had me thinking of answers all day.  So…here goes! 253 more words


Swing Lo Magellan (Or Don't Stop Till' the Last Deer Drop[ping])

Greetings Friends,

I greet you all before our group departs for Parsa Wildlife Reserve lasting four days. Since my last post, we have been kept quite busy. 1,372 more words


Why Squirrels?

By Karen Kirkpatrick

Hi, Fellow Bloggers and Readers:

My first blog post is a bit out of my areas of interest – horses, dogs, and cats – so finding myself writing about squirrels is a surprise, but I do hope you will enjoy reading about these little creatures. 453 more words

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