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World of Birds: Late November brings exciting rarities to the region

After being spoiled last fall with numerous rarities, we finally had a good run of exciting birds over the past week.

This is the part of birding I really enjoy, as do other keen birders. 1,144 more words

Nature And The Environment

Day Two at Dinokeng

Good evening from Dinokeng Game Reserve, where we spent most of the day (except for a short siesta at noon) exploring this beautiful treasure almost right on Pretoria’s doorstep. 121 more words


As She Crosses

Sometimes, you would be lucky.
While in Jim Corbett,Dikhala, every day morning and evening Tigress Parwali would cross the pool from one end to the other.Parwali always kept the timings.She wont be late for the show. 54 more words


A Steller's Jay in Lake Louise

On a snowy morning in Lake Louise, I found this Steller’s Jay up in the trees looking for breakfast along a trail that wound away from the water.   98 more words


#Weekendwanderings Bedfont Lakes, Surrey #wildlife #photo #nature

We are lucky to live a short drive away from this beautiful country park in Bedfont. It has interest all year round, but I especially love to visit on cold and frosty mornings. 125 more words


Mainstreaming Biodiversity: A Real Solution to the Devastation of Nature?

GR:  This article describes the biodiversity catastrophe that is unfolding, and it discusses the preventive strategies of the international Convention on Biological Diversity. The article has little positive to say about the probable success of the current strategy.  396 more words

Animal Rights/Welfare

Kingfisher catch

I spent a fair amount of time yesterday at Huntley Meadows Park watching a female Belted Kingfisher (Megaceryle alcyon), one of my favorite birds. 193 more words