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Mother Whale Lifting Her Baby to See Humans on Boat

Mother Whale and Calf with people on whale watching trip. Very cool to see the Momma raising her Baby to show it the funny looking humans! 54 more words

Butterflies:Self-propelled flowers 

🦋Butterflies are not insects,They are self-propelled flowers.We are all butterflies 🦋 and Earth is our chrysalis. We must propelled ourselves to push our limit high. That is what caterpillar 🐛 to butterflies 🦋 means :) 🦋



Monkey Mountain hike: lots of monkeys, not so many mountains

Having now lived in Hong Kong for just over 18 months hiking should be an important part of my life. Friends constantly exchange favourite trails or photos of scenic summit views over whatsapp groups. 974 more words