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Wood Stork, Blue Sky

This fall there were a fair number of Storks around. Both large flocks and small groups like these.

It wasn’t that long ago they were in danger of disappearing so it’s always special to see this. 7 more words


Eucalyptus. A genus of flowering trees native to Australia but also cultivated in tropical regions of the world, like Jos – Nigeria. Its name comes from a greek word which means “well-covered” ,clearly referencing the flower bud and the operculum (or bud cap) that protects the developing male and female parts of the flower. The […]

via Eucalyptus — Pringshak Photography

Jos Plateau

VELVET ANT (Dolichomutilla sp.)

I was doing my usual exploration of Tata’s garden when I noticed something moving quickly on the ground. It looks like an ant but; 1. It’s relatively bigger than the usual ant size(but smaller than the Smaragdina sp.); 2. 633 more words


Great Egret, Low Over Old Rice Fields

I knew this bird was coming in and I was ready…not really. This should have been at least 7 – 8 good photographs. I have 2. 76 more words


Strange Swimming, Alligator

As I am working through Alligator photographs I noticed something I’ve never seen before. Their front ‘paws’ outstretched while swimming.

Multiple animals did this.

All the Alligators were large and there were other large ones up close to them. 42 more words


Ring-necked Ducks in November

I am not sure what is so special about the small pond in Kingstowne, a suburban development not far from where I live, but every year about this time a group of Ring-necked ducks ( 85 more words


Upcoming talk on OFAS and wildlife

There is to be a talk, open to all, on ‘The Oxford Flood Alleviation Scheme: Maximising the benefits for people and freshwater wildlife’ with Jeremy Biggs of Freshwater Habitats Trust and Penny Burt from the Environment Agency on… 9 more words

Environment Agency