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Satpura National Park: In search of the elusive

It is a hot and dry afternoon in June and I am in Satpura. The name itself means a hundred mountains is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘शतपुरा’. 956 more words

Incredible India

Magpie: A bit of a poser

I was about to leave Ashhurst yesterday afternoon when this Magpie decided to wander over and pose for me. I think BW helps bring out the texture on the feathers, more so than in colour. Especially with these guys

Home from Home

So, I am off to the UK for a month.

This has put some extra strain on our dwindling funds. Needing time off and costs and cost-of-living in England being much higher. 327 more words

Free Alternatives

Gardening for wildlife

Spring has well and truly sprung, and the keen gardeners among you will have been beavering away in your garden for weeks already. If you’re less keen, or completely new to gardening, here are some seasonal tips to get you started with gardening for wildlife. 503 more words


Bunny Monday

It’s always a good day when a bunny hops into my line of vision. May you also be blessed with a similar sighting.

Wishing everyone a happy Bunny Monday!

Western Maryland... Silly Turkeys

Last week I started a series of posts revisiting photographs from Western Maryland.  In keeping with that theme, and because its Monday and we all could use a chuckle…here is a reminder of the terrifying gangs that roam the back roads of Western Maryland.