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Another Alien Lands on the Dorset Coast

Yesterday I wrote about an alien that landed right where I was walking – if you missed it, it is here. I described two ‘firsts’ for me and I said that there was a third ‘first’. 497 more words


Pendulous Sedge Carex pendula

I can be as guily as some others by not always paying more attention to the grasses, sedges and rushes that surround us, but you surely could not miss this one! 121 more words

Nature Photography

A Heron, Four Turtles, and a Duck

Found magic today at Lake Padden in Bellingham: Came upon a heron, four turtles, and a duck sharing a log and chillin’ together. The Peaceable Kingdom. :)

(Photos by Karen Molenaar Terrell)


Pelican Red

Never be afraid to spread your wings and fly!                                                                               (pelicans – Lake Victoria)


Bearded Vulture

Bearded vultures use ossuaries, rocky bone-dropping sites, to break apart large bones by dropping them from up to 150m in the air.

When a bone is too large for a bearded vulture to consume wholly, the bird will lift the bone within its talons, lift it up 50-150 meters in the air, and carry it over to rocky bone-dropping sites, called ossuaries.

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