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What happens in the sea during a solar eclipse?

On July 20th, 1963, three scientists sat on a research ship 200 miles south of Woods Hole, MA, waiting for something remarkable. They were nearly 4000m above the seafloor, and using sonar, they could ‘see’ a line of creatures resting in the deep. 545 more words


Blaze of glory

A summer that at times hardly felt like its promise of heat and humidity is starting to wind down.  Erratic trees are showing signs of fall colors, flowers are blossoming out as if for one last fling, migratory birds are grazing continuously as if on a time clock counting down to the trip south.  37 more words


Scafell Pike

Yesterday was the day when my dream of coming to the Lake District actually became a reality. I finally did it, and I’m so proud that I was able to see the beauty that Cumbria effortlessly displays to the world. 702 more words


Reach for Jesus

Psalm 119:48, John 14:15

Not long ago, I was flipping through a wildlife magazine for kids.  A small picture of an elephant caught my eye.  It was standing, in what looked like an unbalanced stance, with its tail swished to the side and its trunk reaching straight up into a tree’s leaves.   38 more words

Director Of 'The Lion King' Reveals Secret About The Movie

The director and producer of the movie The Lion King revealed to Fox News that Mufasa and Scar are NOT related!

It’s not like family royalty where the brother will be the next king, it’s actually the one who wants the title the most. 108 more words