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A Leaopard’s Tail by Hendri Venter

A male Leopard flipping its tail over its back to reveal the white underside, a sign that it is not seeking prey.


View from a car park...

The camera was out almost before I’d parked the car. We had decided to stop in Castleton for refreshments before the final part of the drive. 503 more words


Wild Surveillance

It’s spring, and when the all-too-frequent rain lets up, the birds are out doing spring bird things, which are the same things much of the animal kingdom are up to, including people — improving their nests or other lairs, wooing and being wooed, laying eggs whether internally or externally. 301 more words

Science Fiction

New on 500px : Fast and endangered by MartinKrajczy by MartinKrajczy

The cheetahs are the fastest cats but after one intensive chase they need up to 45 minutes before they can start to eat. For the animals which are not so fast but relaxed this is the chance to get the prey under their control. 6 more words

Real Estate And Mortgage

My First Jackrabbit

Got my first jackrabbit photos while in Lubbock, TX this week.  They are actually hares and not rabbits and are much larger than the common cottontail with very large ears.  164 more words

Canon 500mm F4 IS II

Why night shifts are great....

Can’t beat seeing things like this at 5am to keep you awake….