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Overland track - guest entry

During the week where Juliane was on the mainland I had to spend on my own. I chose to walk the famous Overland Track in the Highlands of Tasmania. 142 more words


Eye to eye with giants...

Thank you, Fort Bragg-Mendocino Coast Packet, for publishing my story about
B Bryan Preserve in Point Arena, California. 28 more words


The name ‘hippopotamus’ comes from the Greek term for ‘river horse’. These huge mammals spend up to 16 hours per day submerged in rivers and lakes to keep cool and calfs can suckle underwater by closing their ears and nostrils. 21 more words


Egrets In A Different Light

Both birds here were photographed near a rail line outside Charleston.

With all the Egrets we have captured lately I thought I would process them a little different. 16 more words


Unexpected (29)

I look up when I open the gate, and the small sliver of our waning moon hangs in the rich autumn-blue sky. At the sight I feel met, reassured, lightened. 261 more words


Ivy Broomrape: taking advantage

We are used to seeing ivy climbing trees but tend to forget that it is also a great ground cover plant able to colonise large areas of soil, stones and even rock and walls. 194 more words