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Manual 365/243.5 Tight Lipped...

I’ve just got so many great shots today and I need to take a moment to recognise the little fellas, the filter feeders, the molluscs with the funny name, the things that shape our coast line, apart from the sea that is. 20 more words


Hello by PhotographyByHenrik

One of my favorite aspects of wildlife photography is the uncertainty of it. One can often go from disappointment to euphoria in seconds. I captured this short eared owl when it decided to land in a large field literally right next to me. 46 more words


Sept. 3 is Free Fishing Day in California

Don’t miss the last chance to fish for free this year! Free Fishing Day in California is being offered by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) Saturday, Sept. 223 more words

Public Participation

A Simple Lake Frog

I must resist the urge to turn this ordinary frog into something more. Many cultures have seen magic when they look at frogs: here is the European witch’s familiar, the Egyptian goddess Heqet and China’s Ch’ing-Wa Sheng. 238 more words


Rat vs Magpie

I can’t believe this happened right in front of me today. I was walking into town when a rat climbed out of a drain by the kerb a few metres away from me. 231 more words


Ghost Forest

The only thing that remained of the forest’s previous occupants was a ghostly memory of them all, drifting and swirling about in the sunlight. Not a sound was to be heard other than the fluttering of butterfly wings, not a bird, not an insect, not even the sound of the wind. 258 more words