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What I Wouldn't Give....

“What I wouldn’t give for 5 more minutes on the dance floor, while my legs were still strong enough to carry me”

There was a video posted here (and where the quote came from) that was a strong declaration, via older women’s wisdom, about the importance of “being” versus “doing”.   451 more words



Gazing out through the window that opens onto the world of Spring becoming. A wind chime moves gently in the warm breeze inviting…..beckoning….all that are inside to come breathe the air vibrating with life. 537 more words


Soul Musings/Day 30: A Sense-able Life

Do you remember as a child when you used to pick dandelions? Gently (or not so gently) you blew the tops to watch the small air born bits drift here and there leaving the lonely stem in your hand, only to pick another one and do the same thing all over again. 266 more words


Soul Musings/Day 28: Un-Clutched

Waking up in the middle of the night discovering a shoulder, arm, hand and face clutched in the throes of contraction.

Why on earth would there be a need to tensely protect in the depths of safe sleep. 256 more words


Soul Musings/Day 26: Loneliness

Yesterday was at times a challenge as I spent the afternoon and evening by myself with family thousands of miles away in California.

Trying to pinpoint exactly what it was that ached inside of me for physical connection to my sons and grandchildren. 284 more words


Soul Musings/Day 25: Never As Young As Today

What a lovely philosophy to have as we age. This is indeed the youngest day we will ever have for the rest of our life. 270 more words


Soul Musings/Day 23: A Much Greater Hunger

I have been sitting with this quote for a bit assessing how it feels inside of me. Waiting for an expanded awareness to emerge in the space. 282 more words