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Local Lesbian Bar Practices Discrimination Under Auspice of State Law

Imagine the texture of my rattling sigh as, after a long night at work and the hopeful proposition of a beer to a single friend requited by the entire group and the promise of some of them already being drunk and rowdy at the local lesbian bar, ended with my utter rejection at the door of said bar. 1,620 more words


Jason Kenney to stay in PC leadership race after complaint tossed

EDMONTON – The Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta has dismissed a call to have leadership candidate Jason Kenney turfed from the race.

Party member Jeffrey Rath accused Kenney in a formal complaint of actively undermining the party to make it an easy takeover target. 441 more words


Five twists and turns in conservative politics in Alberta

There’s never a dull moment in conservative politics in Alberta. With the Progressive Conservative leadership in the home stretch and talk of uniting the right in the air, here are five of the latest twists and turns: 850 more words


Elections Alberta says if PCs and Wildrose decide to merge, it won't be easy

Uniting Alberta’s two right-of-centre political parties has been the dominant talk of the PC leadership race and even the leader of the Wildrose has said the idea is a possibility. 339 more words


Final Alberta PC leadership debate dominated by talk of merging with the Wildrose

The question of whether Alberta’s two right-of-centre political parties should merge into one has dominated the final debate among the three candidates for the leadership of the provincial Progressive Conservative party… 497 more words


Wildrose opens nominations despite uncertainty over riding boundaries, unite-the-right talks

The Wildrose is beginning candidate nominations for the next provincial election in 2019 despite potential talks on uniting with the Progressive Conservatives and an ongoing electoral boundary review. 326 more words


Wildrose Leader Brian Jean: 'I have not flip-flopped' on unifying the right

Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said he’s been seeking to unite his party and the Progressive Conservatives since shortly after the 2015 election in a Friday morning interview with Global News. 503 more words