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...wildstar: guild + housing = fun

In a previous post I mentioned the CBDC (custom-built decor challenge) that I run for my guild each month. Since this is a new month, they were set a new challenge, this time to build a land-based vehicle. 169 more words


Why WoW succeeded, why recent MMOs failed to kill WoW, and what MMOs need to learn if they want to be successful.

Lets start by looking at why was WoW successful, and why does it continue to be successful.

The landscape of MMOs pre-WoW was awful. Pure awful. 3,208 more words

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WildStar Through Wolfy's Eyes

It’s difficult being a fan of Carbine Studios and of WildStar.  The game’s meteoric flomp at launch has been the stuff of internet comment legend–the effigy held up over the pyre as a warning to every MMO that follows the “WoW-clone themepark” design model.  920 more words



I’m one of those people.

You know, the ones you see when you’re logged into your favorite game.  The ones who are sitting there in town all the time, doing something funny with that table-looking thing.  1,206 more words


The Wildstar Saga, Part 1: Refuge

This post is the last in my chronicle of my adventures in Wildstar.  I told the story in reverse order starting with Part 4 a few weeks ago.  2,056 more words


Destination: Journey

A very long time ago (in a game world far, far away) I was a powergamer.  Or at least, that’s what they called people like me back then. 1,620 more words


The Wildstar Saga, Part 2: Ascendant

It was October, and server merges had just happened in Wildstar.  Our old home on the Evindra roleplaying server was gone, and now we were all glommed together with the rest of the North American PvE folks on the Entity server.  594 more words