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WildStar: Where It All Went Wrong For Me

I count WildStar among my favorite MMOs. The combat is fun, the housing is great, the setting and lore are original and different, I run around in a Samus costume on a DeLorean hoverboard, what’s not to love? 676 more words

Carbine's WindowManager


After talking with CRB_Moenzuel, I’m starting to understand how the client’s window manager works, and how Addons can use it for their own purpose to track the windows of the Addon. 639 more words


Guiding an instant high-level character

Playing my Esper in Wildstar has given me pause for thought on what the game, and other MMORPGs in general, could do to make it an easier process to take on a newly dinged max level (or near) character. 748 more words


New art on the wall

Welp, I wasn’t as over the cold as I thought I was. I woke up at 1am last night basically unable to breathe through my nose. 230 more words


Wildstar: existing level 50 catchup

When I played Wildstar yesterday I decided to stick with my tried and tested Engineer rather than play the new Esper. I wanted to get back into the swing of the action combat, the dodging and the telegraphs before I then deal with a brand new class and build. 296 more words


Wildstar: an esper is born

Back from a weekend away just in time to create my new level 50 Esper in Wildstar before the offer expired. Contrary to my expectations I had to create a new character to ding, a slight shame as I had a level 3 Esper that I created some time ago. 112 more words


Wildstar: free level 50 character boost

From later today there’s a free level 50 character boost available in Wildstar, deadline to claim it is March 12th. Although my MMO rota is overloaded already I can’t resist an excuse to log back into a game I’ve enjoyed playing the past, especially for a free boost like this! 339 more words