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Project: Wildstar Housing

I did it! I managed to get my second character to level 14 which is where you unlock your housing plot. In case you’re now sitting there in front of your monitor pondering the amount of effort it needs to get to 14 – don’t bother. 363 more words


Costumes, Costs, and Consistency

I had an interesting conversation with some folks last week that started because of the cost to swap specs in the current WoW: Legion alpha build. 593 more words


WildStar: Looking Back

WildStar wasn’t perfect, but it was something. Though I am still a little turned off looking back at the game’s absurdity, I remain happy with many of the screenshots I took. 75 more words


Blogging 101: A little fly on the wall...

Day 11 of “Blogging 101” asked me to take a daily prompt and make it fit to my blog’s content. The first prompt was boring as I had more or less just written about it anyway. 344 more words

Guild Wars 2

2015 in screenshots

As I previously said, Haffle’s “Screenshots Of The Year 2015” post inspired me to do something like this myself. Instead of going by game, I will try to go through the year by months. 367 more words

Guild Wars 2

RM Project: Iteration of Itemization

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!

Over the holiday break, I did some quick number crunching for my RM Project. I wanted to know precisely how many armor items I would need to create to fully realize the itemization system I had intended to use. 2,582 more words


#Wildstar: The Sim-Chase January 13-16 & 19-22/ Exo-Lab Case

Currently I’m playing Hearthstone but I might have a look into Wildstar this week.

Shrine Case: January 13 – 16 and 19 – 22 158 more words