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Wildstar and community-building

Two very interesting posts yesterday that I’ve been thinking have some shared relevance.

Firstly Rohan has an excellent post on the FFXIV community and how Square Enix have helped to engineer a friendlier or more patient MMO community through game design and positive reward systems. 465 more words


It's Just A Game

I’ve been noticing a lot of Twitter chatter today about differing opinions of WildStar’s upcoming F2P transition, and the not-surprising toxic reaction from the online forum dwellers. 467 more words


Wildstar: current impressions, combat, crafting

In my current play through of Wildstar (now level 24), I’m finding combat more enjoyable than I expected although I’ve not done much in the way of more challenging content (so far only two shiphands and the two dungeons). 389 more words


Perfectly-imperfect worlds

I’ve had a varied week of gaming in MMO-land and wanted to put up a few highlights of what I’ve particularly enjoyed this week.

1 Riding Eorzea… 419 more words


Kam's Korner: Wildstar Part One

To start things off here in Kam’s Korner, I am going to discuss a game that has, over the past six months, been a major focus of my play time and attention – the MMORPG known as… 1,286 more words

Hello Wildstar!

Well hello big wide world and hello again to Wildstar. First let me introduce you to a couple of friends of mine…
Tolkien Moonwhisper and Virae Zarkov. 165 more words


Wildstar: a dungeon run

Over the weekend I played my first dungeon experience, Stormtalon’s Lair in Galeras.

It ended up taking 1 hour and 35 or so minutes, however at least 25 minutes of that was from two bouts of waiting while we found replacement players. 511 more words