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Help! I like too many MMOs...

In the past few weeks, I thought I had finally fallen out of love with Rift. It was to a point where I did not even log in anymore to get my daily artifact (they changed the system now where you get nicer bonuses for logging in, but that’s not why I went back). 614 more words

Guild Wars 2

Bookahneer's Geekwatch (April 2016)

Fragmented, the “little brother” of The Repopulation will officially arrive in Steam Early Access soon, on April 26. If you already own The Repopulation, you will get Fragmented for free – or you already got access to it if you registered for pre-steam early access-access. 652 more words

Other Games

The Enchantress Goes Lowbie

I LOVE MMORPGs! The game worlds are huge and the game never ends! I can spend my day killing things, or picking flowers to make dozens of potions I don’t need and will conveniently forget I have when I do need them, or taking screenshots of my in-game avatar fishing in gorgeous locals. 812 more words


Chipping a tiny hole in the faction wall

The first dev connect for WildStar has ended and the results are in. Here’s what Pappy has to say about the changes coming for factions in WildStar: 783 more words


The freedom to roam

On Monday evening I had a pretty momentous moment in Lord of the Rings Online. I’ve been playing through the Gondor content and had reached, finally, Dol Amroth. 350 more words


Finding my Game

Gaming has been a passion of mine for a very long time.  While I discovered a love for Pokémon and handheld games at a young age I guess my real gaming introduction began just as high school ended over 10 years ago when a friend introduced me to World of Warcraft which I played consistently for about 6 years.  903 more words

Ark Survival Evolved

MMOs, a journey to Guild Wars 2 and Elder Scrolls Online

I’ve been a long time MMOs player since a good friend Faithless got me into the beta of World of Warcraft back in 2004. I was hooked into a world of make believe, fantasy, magic and a new world of questing to improve my power.   598 more words