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Tragedy and Politics

Andrew Deemer, Campaign Manager for Nickolas Wildstar


I would like take a little time to touch on the Vegas tragedy. It is sad the actions of one person have done so much damage, damage to families. 206 more words


I Miss WildStar

I’ve never missed a game so much as WildStar. I’ve never experienced the shutdown of one of my MMOs, as players of Star Wars Galaxies, City of Heroes, and others have, but WildStar is probably the closest thing. 444 more words


Haha, looks like we finally hit our ssSSCCRRRREEEEAAAAMMMM!! point, lolz.

All the fucking bullshit with the Research Methods in Psych class recently is making existence so much fucking harder than it already was. 1,158 more words



With an abundance of real life kerfuffle, I let this go by the wayside. After letting it slide for a while, I then felt guilty and reluctant to even visit… talk about silly! 935 more words


Gaming: The Unblogables

Over the years, I’ve mostly been consistent about blogging on every game I’ve played, but there are exceptions. Usually games that I didn’t play for very long. 1,293 more words


Is Class Customization Going the Way of the Dinosaur?

In MMOs, on opposite ends of the spectrum you have two models for class design:

  1. Each class¬†supports very high¬†customization, where the player can invest in particular…
  2. 734 more words

WildStar: Where It All Went Wrong For Me

I count WildStar among my favorite MMOs. The combat is fun, the housing is great, the setting and lore are original and different, I run around in a Samus costume on a DeLorean hoverboard, what’s not to love? 676 more words