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WS - Housing

I reached level 14 (I kept going until 15) in WildStar – so I can get a house (level 14) and a mount (level 15)! 291 more words


Patching up

So as someone returning to the game after more than a half a year, I’ve noticed big improvement to it. It’s just little things, few UI changes, that at least for me make a big deal, quests that were buggy before, work like a charm now. 554 more words


Please allow me to introduce myself...

If you have finished this title line in your mind – let me hi five you! /hi5

My name is Tivali Mistrunner, well not really, I choose to stay behind my character name, so please let it be this way. 477 more words


Going backwards forward

This is funny to think that at first, when Wildstar was still in development, I didn’t give much attention to it. When it got presented first time, it was OK, in my opinion. 369 more words


If You Give Me A Free Option, I'll Take It

We are gamers. As gamers, overcoming challenges is kind of our primary thing. Any challenge, especially in the digital space, will be conquered. Speed runs through games where the developers want us to take our time? 803 more words

Guild Wars 2

WS - Gallows Hub Questing

I hadn’t played Wildstar in a bit so I was eager to get back in and quest. I left off Summer standing in Gallows, an early outpost (quest level around level 10-12). 210 more words


Worst of the MMO Industry

Recently, I did a post running down my opinions on the very best examples of major MMO features from across the industry. But I am not all smiles and sunshine. 1,832 more words