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Fanning Flames for Final Fantasy XIV

MMO burnout. It’s a thing that every MMO gamer has gone through multiple times. Whether it’s specific to a single game or just general malaise at the genre entire, it’s kind of a regular cycle. 694 more words

MMO Things

2017 Predictions, Hopes, and Resolutions

Well, here we are, another trip around the sun and the world hasn’t exploded, civilization as we know it hasn’t come to an end, and the MMO industry hasn’t completely evaporated. 1,202 more words

Mountain vistas - IntPoPiMo 2016 (3)

This post is the third in a series this month for International Picture Posting Month, see this post for more details.

Although I enjoy a variety of biomes in my online gaming, mountains have always inspired me for some reason. 631 more words


Draken male

Inked an old doodle of my Draken male from back when I was still playing WildStar every now and then. Pity I didn’t like the game, because I definitely liked some of the races (Draken and Mordesh in particular). 24 more words


My End Goals in Various MMOs

I’ve been playing a good amount of Star Wars the Old Republic lately. I’ve been meaning to get back in and see the last couple of expansions’ stories if nothing else, and Dark vs. 788 more words

My favourite MMORPGs - IntPiPoMo 2016 (1)

As the first in a series of posts for the 2016 version of International Picture Posting Month, I’m posting pictures here that capture aspects of my favourite MMORPGs, illustrating in “a picture is worth a thousand words” way why I love them. 488 more words


Factions as Fiction: WildStar

The latest WildStar update from Chad Moore a.k.a. Pappylicious¬†blows away many of the walls that prevent Exile and Dominion players from adventuring together. In their most recent update, “ 432 more words