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Stocking the Bomb Shelter

So it was my unfortunate task to report that WildStar is such a non-factor in NCSoft’s eye that they’ve outright stopped including the IP in their quarterly reports as of Q4 2016. 931 more words

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The Sunday Bundle - Jan 29 2017

As the news editor for MMOGames, I see a bunch of stories crawl across my feeds, and there are a few of these I have thoughts on or that strike my fancy enough that I’d like to expand upon them. 886 more words

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Solo Dungeoning

I finally got myself back into WildStar on a regular basis this month. I’m still having trouble finding purpose on my max-level main, but I’ve been doing what I love most and running expeditions. 314 more words


Fanning Flames for Final Fantasy XIV

MMO burnout. It’s a thing that every MMO gamer has gone through multiple times. Whether it’s specific to a single game or just general malaise at the genre entire, it’s kind of a regular cycle. 694 more words

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2017 Predictions, Hopes, and Resolutions

Well, here we are, another trip around the sun and the world hasn’t exploded, civilization as we know it hasn’t come to an end, and the MMO industry hasn’t completely evaporated. 1,202 more words

Mountain vistas - IntPoPiMo 2016 (3)

This post is the third in a series this month for International Picture Posting Month, see this post for more details.

Although I enjoy a variety of biomes in my online gaming, mountains have always inspired me for some reason. 631 more words


Draken male

Inked an old doodle of my Draken male from back when I was still playing WildStar every now and then. Pity I didn’t like the game, because I definitely liked some of the races (Draken and Mordesh in particular). 24 more words