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In Praise of Dominion Housing

You all know I’m an Exile at heart. I mean if you can’t be a space zombie, are you really living? Not that being a space zombie is exactly living in the technical sense, but you know what I mean. 410 more words

Gracie Has Thoughts

Wildstar – Obtained both retail mystery box mounts

I purchased three retail boxes looking for at least one of the mystery box mounts.  I picked them up for 9.99 each at gamestop which was a fantastic deal.  35 more words


Levelling fun in Wildstar.

So as you all know I have an Esper and that is what I have been levelling recently, well Sunday morning someone in guild was running lowbie instances to help us lowbies lvl. 208 more words

Catching Up

There were no Friday Bits on Friday because I had guests over from Thursday night until Saturday night – some of my friends from Wildstar and elswhere were in town for a few days to visit.  1,277 more words


Much Watching, Little Playing

To be honest I am in a bit of a “what game do I play” funk. For sure its a first world problem but still its making a mess of my limited game time. 533 more words

New beginnings.

Well as I said I have a blog up and running devoted to my Chua Esper, http://www.tixxylix.wordpress.com check it out you just might like the little ball of fur. 180 more words

Wildstar - revisiting old conclusions

Having played a month of Wildstar, the game time included in the box purchase, I’m feeling in equal parts positive and cautious about the game and my likely involvement in its future. 959 more words