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Easter Sunday at the Wilford Green - Nottingham

The Easter weekend has ended for another year. We hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did.

We had live music on the Friday night (Adam Peter Smith) from 9pm… 120 more words


1960, April, 12th: Looking Around at Wilford's Old Buildings

Wilford, April 12th 1960:

On talking┬áto George Garment the Strelley estate woodsman, we discussed where he was born and where he walked every morning. He describes Wilford as “a little village that seemed to just sit on the border of the city; on the river flood plain”. 411 more words

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1935, July, 12th: St Wilfred's Church and a Walk Around the Parish

Wilford, July 26th 1935

Many poets and artists used to come to this village for its clean pastoral scenery, the lovely low cottages with brier, ivy and all sorts of climbing plants on the walls. 217 more words

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1086, April, 26th: A Glimpse Inside St Wilfred's

Wilford, September 10th 1086

Entry in the Doomsday Book William Peverels Lands
In Wilford, jurisdiction, 3 c, of land taxable, land for 6 ploughs, 23 freemen have 7 ploughs, A priest: meadow, 18 acres; half a fishery. 317 more words

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Wilford Community Group cttee meeting

A quick note to refer to the kind of routine work Lilian Greenwood MP does.
Not a public meeting either, so some main points.
Flooding from the River Trent: the vulnerability of a part of Wilford whose defences are lower than elsewhere, but only with a 1% chance of being breached in every year, was reviewed with an officer from the Environment Agency. 183 more words

Lilian Greenwood MP

Peace, Parking, and other stuff.

None of us like deliberately causing distress to another. Yet we will all have experienced times when we have unwittingly done so. A word spoken thoughtlessly, can be taken to heart by another, in a manner unintended.A text sent in innocence can cause distress in its unforseen interpretation. 490 more words


I get elated whenever I see true science-fiction films being made. It’s tough to the find them, when Hollywood puts out a lot of “science-fiction” films, which mostly are just action or thrillers that involve robots or aliens. 769 more words