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Six Kings and Two Queens (3)

So why is this rambling windbag of a tale called Six Kings and Two Queens ?

Well, the hero, John Deane, the entrepreneur, the sea captain, the ex-cannibal, the ex-poacher, the ex-deer stealer and the ex-butcher’s apprentice lived a very long life. 339 more words


Six Kings and Two Queens (1)

“The Date-Book of Remarkable and Memorable Events connected with Nottingham and its neighbourhood” by John Frost Sutton does not disappoint with its entry for August 18 1761: 715 more words


Creamy Potato Soup and Other Meanderings about Potatoes

Growing up in Idaho in the heart of potato country means not only did I eat potatoes nearly every day of my life, and sometimes twice a day, but they were a part of the landscape, literally. 960 more words


Wilford, Nottinghamshire

The Church of St Wilfrid, Wilford, Nottinghamshire

Photo taken : 31 July 2016

Google map : https://goo.gl/maps/yvPY


Performance warranty not qualified by fair wear and tear.

In The Coral Seas (Imperator I v Bunge SA) EWHC 1506 (Comm), owners were faced with a claim by time charterers for underperformance on their speed warranty. 300 more words