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Mornings, Magpies and Medals

Today I took some brighter pictures of the garden, including one of a Great Tit eating what appeared to be a caterpillar. You’ll have to take my word for that as it spent most of its time refusing to face me. 188 more words

Nottingham Caribbean Carnival 2017 - Jerk Chicken Please and lots of it!

This past Sunday was the Nottingham Caribbean Carnival on the Trent Embankment next to the Meadows. This carnival has been running since 1970 when a group of West Indians, mainly from the island of St Kitts, held a carnival parade in the Meadows. 689 more words

Pollinator Pictures

Here are some pollinators I pictured last weeek. I really need to do some work on learning the species.

I don’t even know the names of all the flowers, and they don’t fly away when you try to take a picture, so they should be easy. 6 more words