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Dulce et Decorum Est

“Their life consisted wholly and solely of war, for they were and always had been front-line infantrymen. They survived because the fates were kind to them, certainly—but also because they had become hard and immensely wise in animal-like ways of self-preservation.”—Ernie Pyle, World War II journalist, writing about what he saw at the front.

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Daily Prompt

Memorial Day

Move him into the sun —
Gently its touch awoke him once
At home, whispering of fields unsown.
Always it woke him, even in France…

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Memorial Day

The Unreturning, by Wilfred Owen

English soldier and poet Wilfred Owen wrote nearly all of his poems in one year – August, 1917 to September, 1918. 24 more words



And raw human meat was piled, and steamed.

Silence split at the seams as the living groaned.


Rope-ladder ribs in concert breathed

With the light lapping laughter of giddy Sea;– 173 more words

Current Affairs

Art, War and Sand

When I had just begun this blog in 2009 I was much more tentative about what I wrote and the blog posts were much shorter add a result — sorry, did you say it was a shame that changed? 994 more words


Words of endurance: Memoirs of an Infantry Officer

This is one of a series about memoirs, novels, and poems authored by combatants of the First World War. All page numbers below refer to Siegfried Sassoon, 2,775 more words


Not About Heroes & Whispers of War Poetry Competition Win

Last October I went to Derby Guildhall Theatre to see Feelgood Theatre’s touring production of Not About Heroes. Stephen MacDonald’s play is set during the time Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon were both at Craiglockhart hospital during World War One, and is a touching and intelligent piece of theatre. 564 more words