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An Unexpected Visitor, Part II

As soon as the new arrival stepped down the ramp, all I could think was dragon.

It was tall, easily reaching eight feet, but its body was slender, almost serpentine. 1,060 more words

An Unexpected Visitor, Part I

Glimpes of supercivilizations could either have stimulating or stultifying effects on our society.

-Sir Arthur C. Clarke


A quiet had fallen on the base camp. 1,985 more words

Looking for Answers, Part III

Wilhelm was the first out of Calypso, carrying a heavy crate with him as he went. Setting it down, he turned to me and offered a small wave. 1,365 more words

Looking For Answers, Part I

In the vastness of the Cosmos there must be other civilizations far older and more advanced than ours.

– Carl Sagan


Luís certainly had gotten a fair bit of work done while I was in the dome with Rudak. 1,790 more words

Contact, Part II

There were still so many questions I had, even after my encounter with Rudak. We weren’t even beginning to scratch the surface on an alien culture, though perhaps… 1,051 more words

Contact, Part I

Our sun is one of 100 billion stars in our galaxy. Our galaxy is one of billions of galaxies populating the universe. It would be the height of presumption to think that we are the only living things in that enormous immensity. 2,389 more words

Rendezvous, Part II

The command center had become a lot busier since we’d made radio contact. Now, we were there even on our off-time, just to be ready for when the alien ship sent its response. 2,041 more words