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So you haven't heard about the Wilhelm Scream yet?

If you’ve never heard of the Wilhelm Scream before you should definitely watch this and step out of the fog. Especially if you call yourself a filmmaker. 47 more words

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Striking Out, Part I

Risk is our business!

– Captain Kirk, Star Trek

“The signal’s gone,” Wilhelm announced at breakfast.

We all stopped eating when he said that. I chewed thoughtfully for a few moments, then looked up. 3,072 more words

Arc 3.60 Wilhelm van Astrea 1/2

–Let us talk of the man, Wilhelm Torias.

Wilhelm was born the third son of the Torias Noble Family, who lived in the countryside of the Kingdom of Lugnica. 5,059 more words


Alien VI

Rudak didn’t know why, but the very sight of Diplomat made him shudder.

No, that was a lie; he knew why the alien invoked such feelings. 1,820 more words

An Unexpected Visitor, Part II

As soon as the new arrival stepped down the ramp, all I could think was dragon.

It was tall, easily reaching eight feet, but its body was slender, almost serpentine. 1,060 more words

An Unexpected Visitor, Part I

Glimpes of supercivilizations could either have stimulating or stultifying effects on our society.

-Sir Arthur C. Clarke


A quiet had fallen on the base camp. 1,985 more words