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The Merchant of Baghdad

“You cannot escape death and you cannot escape aloneness.” Osho would tell many fine stories to illustrate his talks. “The Merchant of Baghdad”, a Sufi parable, is one of my favourites and one that I have posted to Facebook on numerous occasions. 333 more words


The Right to be Royal

How do we obtain our rights? There are basic human rights that all people should possess. I say should because there are some places in the world where those basic human rights have been stripped from people. 703 more words

Stay Focused


In case you are living in a cave, you may not know what this acronym stands for. FOMO is the acronym for the “fear of missing out.” This acronym is actually considered a social anxiety in which a person feels as if they are missing out on an important experience or opportunity. 851 more words


Amazing Grace: Unconditional Election

The following is part of a series of blogs written for the Covenant Reformed Church website.

‘Election’… ‘Predestination’… say these words to a room full of Christians and many of them begin to feel very uneasy, if not outright contempt. 1,967 more words