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A Yielded Will - Part 1

Is there not sufficient tenacity in the self-will of man?
Would this premise be true?…

Is it not true or in the very least inspirational that every man “ought to be the captain of his soul…every man, the master of his fate”? 175 more words

Jesus Christ

Set Goals. Say Prayers. Work Hard.

I’m unsure of who first coined the phrase, but these words are what I’ve been living by for the last several weeks. Work has been busy lately… really busy. 820 more words

Stay Focused

"Get ooouuuttt..."

There is a two-year old who attends my daughter-in-law’s daycare who doesn’t like to take naps. During nap time she cries and bargains with my daughter-in-law so she can get out of the crib and keep playing: “Get ooouuuttt! 614 more words



Upon the moment of death

Christ will be revealed to you

Whether you are a believer or not


And if you are not a believer… 44 more words

September 17: the Stigmata of Saint Francis

More from the Letters of Fr Andrew SDC, pioneer Anglican Franciscan, 1869-1946.

As you know, the word ‘sacrifice’ … just means the thing that is made holy.

72 more words
Daily Reflections

Managing Interruptions With Trust

A person’s steps are directed by the Lord.
How then can anyone understand their own way?

So writes Solomon in Proverbs 20:24.

I chewed over that verse this morning. 475 more words


Surrender to the Known

Have you ever been given the advice to surrender to the unknown will of God?

I have. And I used to feel like I then had to brace myself for suffering, for hardship. 193 more words