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Nerve Cells by Colin Winborn (Knives, Forks, Spoons Press)

Some fifteen years ago, in Tears 42, Colin Winborn wrote an intriguing piece comparing lines by the metaphysical poet John Donne with lines from the lyrics of the Kentucky-born singer-songwriter Will Oldham: 324 more words


REVIEW: Bonnie "Prince" Billy - "Mindlessness" / "Blindlessness"

The third single from Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s Singer’s Grave A Sea of Tongues, out on Drag City and available on iTunes this week, is a deceptive study in mirrors and reverse images, of expectations from performers, and of dialogues both spoken and unspoken. 534 more words


Video: Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Blindlessness

For my money, the best Bonnie “Prince” Billy songs are those that don’t seem labored over. Given Oldham’s output, this point could be debated, but the stark, organic nature of his latest, “Blindlessness,” sounds off the cuff despite the well-timed dog bark. 57 more words


Bonnie Prince Billy, Mindlessness/Blindlessness 7”, 2015

This single doesn’t represent a whole lot of value for money for fans given that the A-side appears as it is on the Sailor’s Grave… 1,028 more words


Watch: Kyle Armstrong's video for Bonnie "Prince" Billy's Blindlessness

Dark, eerie, and slightly disturbing.

Edmonton director Kyle Armstrong‘s music video for Bonnie “Prince” Billy‘s hymn-like number, Blindlessness, is full of visual trickery — including ghost dogs, unexpected bursts of light, and the silhouette of a flailing man, somersaulting in mid-air. 316 more words

Plugged In

The Power of Mournful Music in Tragic Times, From Jason Molina on 9/11 to Nina Simone on MLK

On 9/11, the late, great Jason Molina was supposed to be recording with Will Oldham and Alasdair Roberts at Oldham’s brother Paul’s Kentucky farmhouse. Instead, they spent all day watching the news, distraught, terrified, and lost. 799 more words