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I Am Legend Film Locations


11 Washington Square North, Manhattan, New York, NY, United States (Robert Neville’s Home)

Google Maps Co-ordinates: 40.731337, -73.996553

Washington Square Arch, Washington Square North, New York, NY, United States… 50 more words


Collateral Beauty: A tearjerker that earns its stripes

The sad Will Smith film, Collateral Beauty, is going to do one of three things.

  1. Make you cry.
  2. Make you be better tomorrow.
  3. Make you mad.
  4. 770 more words
Film-Addict Pieces

This supercut tribute to Hilary Banks from The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air will make you long for the 90s

A die-hard Fresh Prince Of Bel Air fan, with a soft spot for Hilary Banks, has made the tribute video to end all tribute videos. 404 more words


DC and Warner Bros need to fix their shit

I love comic books. I read both Marvel and DC comics. I like super hero movies and so I go to see both Marvel and DC movies. 2,408 more words


Comedy Clicks USA Edition -The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Each week, we will be taking an in depth look at some of the best sitcoms and comedy shows from both the UK and the USA. 382 more words


Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad (2016)
★★ / ★★★★

David Ayer’s “Suicide Squad” has an approach problem. Despite the picture being about villainous persons forcibly recruited by the government to be of some use to society, what it offers is a standard action film fare with a whole lot of shooting and explosions but not enough thoughts and compelling motivations. 518 more words

Well, I'm Certainly Not Going Through Life With One Hand Tied Behind My Back. -- James Dean

Alone Time

Anybody who has ever felt that New York City would be an awesome place if it weren’t for all of the people crowding you in wherever you go will find a lot to love in the first hour or so of I Am Legend, a post-apocalyptic story about a guy who can drive a Mustang down Fifth Avenue at top speed and find no traffic for miles, a guy who can go into any store he wants and not bother with a checkout line, a guy who can go golfing off the wing of one of the jets on the… 746 more words