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When I Realised Morbid Was Fun


I’m frozen. Frozen solid in ice. Can’t breathe, can’t move, can’t fight back. All I can do is scream. 137 more words

Life's Illusions

Jake was under the impression that there were certain givens in life. Aside from the givens of birth, death, and taxes, that is. Givens like hard work will be rewarded, love conquers all, time heals all wounds, and a whole host of other trite platitudes that Jake accepted as life’s givens. 260 more words


Intelligence of the Universe

My heart beats, my blood flows, my cells regenerate, my nails and hair grow. These actions are orchestrated by the Intelligence of my body. My sole contribution is to feed my body with nutritious foods and drinks, and exercise it. 126 more words

When inheritance becomes a problem

When we are talking about inheritance, whether it involves big amount of money or small one, high value of assets or very less ones, most cases are causing problems. 336 more words


It Is a Blessing To Will

We know those inner dialogues. Whether they take place between cerebrum and cerebellum, or between “spirit” and “flesh”, they make us wonder. Even Saint Paul said, … 405 more words

Inner Life


“Flourish with the determination and it leads to the skies high where you can see yourself successful with the accomplishment of your desires”