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Week Twenty Two - My Will

I don’t have a legal will, nor have I ever felt the need to write one. At the ripe age of 30 I still consider myself invincible. 370 more words


It Occurred to Me

I look forward to doing what God wants me to do, no matter what that is. He gives me enjoyment and makes it fun to be where He wants me to be at the moment. 67 more words



Sleepy, Slow moving Sunday

Nothing to say

The children are playing

In the front of the TV

My mind is empty


December Fun

There’s no snow on the ground, there hasn’t been any at all yet this winter! It feels so strange to be a week away from Christmas and no snow! 327 more words


Give Thanks 2017

This year marks 6 years of doing our month of give thanks. Here are some of the highlights:


The Creative Power of Thought

All thoughts can be divided into three groups or classes: creative, destructive and neutral.

It is necessary to adjust the consciousness to the waves of creative thoughts, rejecting the thoughts of destruction; every thought about an illness needs to be replaced with a thought about health; every thought about failure – with the thought about success; every thought a disaster – with the thought about joy; all thoughts about old age and indisposition – with thoughts of health and cheerfulness. 548 more words