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The Estate and all that legal shit.

Today is the day. 27th of March and the estate closes. It has been six months since the start of the most bullshit legal journey I have ever been on (and I dealt with Studylink). 1,264 more words

Don’t Be Intimidated


Devotion for Monday March 27, 2017

Topic: Don’t Be Intimidated

Text: Acts 4:23 – 31          

Sometimes we may exercise boldness and courage over issues but when we leave there, people may talk fear into us and discourage us. 278 more words


Free Will... again

The physical non-living world around us is governed by the laws of nature. Water, due to the force of gravity, will move from a point of higher elevation to a point of lower elevation if it is permitted, but what if humans come along and erect a dam or divert the flow of water to go somewhere else? 57 more words

I Will!

I like to play softball and still enjoy playing although I have reached the phase “retirement”. Only because my body doesn’t recover as quickly as it used to, what use to last 24 hours not aches for days! 1,173 more words


For God's Sake

Obedience is the harmony of wills,
taking the will of another
doing the will of another

Obedience is not blind
Submission is not imposed

A delicate balance this compliance: 75 more words