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Stuck between

The want to do, and

The will to won’t

Echoes bounce

In and out of shadows, and

Trace black lines across the dune… 27 more words


Renewed 😊❤

The waiting game is finally over, No Fear at all. 😏👍

Say hello to a new chapter of my life!! 😊😊😊

How do I talk about the future in English? (Part 1)

Talking about the future is easy right? All you have to do is say ‘will’.

Hmm…actually, it’s not that easy. (sorry)

A lot of students I speak to think the only way to refer to the future in English is by using ‘will’, but the reality isn’t that simple. 533 more words


He does have his advantages such as his six-pack – 12th July 1998

Sunday 12th I am so unbelievably bored. There’s absolutely nothing to do at home, Emma’s gone to Warrington with her very own Tellytubbie, sorry, Freddie and it’s raining outside and nobody will give me a lift anywhere, even though there’s nowhere to go. 645 more words


Love Will Cover Reveal

Title: Love Will

Author: Lori L. Otto

Release Date: Late April 2016

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The brilliant mind of 24-year-old Will Rosser never rests. Literally. Scientifically-inclined and musically-gifted, he thinks in equations, hears songs in colors, dreams in geometric shapes and is forever trying to solve the world’s unsolvable problems. 1,887 more words


Return! Repent!

Stuck betwixt several passions,
Constrained by the hooks of pleasures,
Lost in the Web of my will,
Strained by the pursuit of frivolities,
Staggering along the dusty road, 137 more words