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Will Power: Part I of Deux

Is there a cap to the will power we possess? There is no question that we have all been at a crossroads at one point or another in our sport and have asked ourselves: “Can I take this anymore? 369 more words


Sometimes in the world we live in, finding a positive outlook is like trying to retrieve a thread of spider web from a pile of shattered glass. 156 more words

#Motivation, Thankfulness And Positive Thoughts

Live Boldly

Me Before You.

Written mostly in Louisa Clark’s perspective, one can safely surmise that she is the “Me” before You. It is her story, with her quadriplegic boss turned love interest, Will Traynor, as the focal point of her transformation. 549 more words


Five-Hundred Word Challenge 409: Houses, Hills, Roads, Cars

There is a little bit of dew on the window that leads to the outside world outside of this attic, and it is a little bit cold, and I am sitting here trying to do something, but not really, for I am sitting here feeling tired and lazy. 492 more words


Infinite fresh starts.

Turn ’em pages. Make up pages and turn them some more. Anytime.

I like the idea that you can start over anytime. Because it’s not just an idea, it’s a truth; if you let it be one. 731 more words


I always like to talk about our choices because its a continual reminder that we all have them! We can choose to walk in our ego, flesh, and human mind, or we can choose to consciously walk in the will of God with great intention!

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When a person dies leaving a Will, the legal process that takes place is called probate. A Will only needs to be probated if the decedent died with assets valued at $30,000 or more. 526 more words

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