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Murder on the Orient Express - Trailer.

The trailer for November’s Murder on the Orient Express was released yesterday giving us a quick look at the cast involved in this new re-telling and it is star studded to say the least. 30 more words


Review - John Wick

The central premise of John Wick is so clichéd, derivative and inherently silly that it’s easy to be surprised by the sheer quality of the actual film surrounding it. 871 more words


Death Note Live Action Trailer Released: Is That A Good Or A Bad Thing?

The Death Note live action trailer was recently released a few weeks ago, showcasing a new frontier for the series to explore. The movie, which is being released and produced on Netflix, is based off of the widely popular Japanese manga and anime written by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. 614 more words


John Wick

Star Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

I realize I am really behind on the John Wick train, but with a sequel having just left theaters, and the internet raving about this film I decided it might be time to see what Keanu Reeves is bringing to the action film genre again. 1,121 more words


Day 5 on Zbrush (Likeness bust)

This is the 5th day working with Zbrush, we were sculpting busts to the likeness of any reference we wanted, I used Willem Defoe, love the wrinkles and obvious characteristics that stick out on his face, thought it would make a good challenge for me while I’m learning. 115 more words


Movie Review: The Great Wall should tumble down

The Great Wall of China is series of walls on China’s north border stretching almost 4000 miles. Construction has been dated back to 220 BC with the purpose of protecting China’s borders from its enemies. 520 more words