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The Last Migrant Fling, Autism A Boon To Birding

“Give the one you love wings to fly, roots to come back, and reasons to stay.” ~ Dalai Lama

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Nice to reflect on warm, sunny mornings in Florida on a day of …

ice pellets and snow flakes in Waterford, Michigan.


Bountiful Bonanza for Birds

Fish moving close to shore late in the afternoon caused a little feeding frenzy among a variety of birds as they scooped the fish up left and right. 189 more words


Galveston FeatherFest 2016

FeatherFest in Galveston, TX was held this past week and it was a great success.  This was my fourth year being a photography event leader with four classroom workshops and three field trips this year.  1,158 more words


What is it about the Masters?

I don’t even like golf that much if I’m being honest. Well I don’t dislike it. I love going to the driving range every now and then to slice a few balls as far as I can. 591 more words


Why we need to stop calling Spieth a choker, and other thoughts about the masters.

Jordan Spieth is a terrific golfer. Jordan Spieth choked. Jordan Spieth will come back.

I planned on doing something on performance anxiety, and in a way I am but after all the hype about Jordan Spieths performance I feel compelled to at least highlight some other things that happened last night.  627 more words


Second Presbyterian Church of Kansas City

Second Presbyterian Church

318 E. 55th Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64113

(816) 363-1300


I have recently updated the content of the blog page for the Second Presbyterian Church of Kansas City. 233 more words

Stained Glass