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Saltmarsh pair

A Willet flapped and called noisily over my head on a walk near Rye Harbor a couple of days ago.

Piercing calls and distinctive wing markings make the otherwise subdued…

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June 14, 2015 at 08:28AM

Willet by Peter Stahl Photography

It is the only North American sandpiper whose breeding range extends southward into the tropics. This find this morning was a lifer for me. Isle Lake County of Parkland.

Little Blue

I was thrown off the trail by those black bands on the wings, but it must be a Little Blue Heron just beginning to molt into adult plumage. 53 more words

Galveston Birds

Protective Mama

Mama Willet was protectively watching over her two chicks this morning, though only one shows up in the photo. The serene moment was broken when a Black-Necked Stilt flew in near the chicks. 64 more words


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Between the reddish egret’s exaggerated poses and this willet, I was reminded of a classic Monty Python sketch. 30 more words