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Department of Homeland Security Targeting the Wrong Enemy

  • President Obama has surrounded himself not with military strategists but rather with fiction writers, wide-eyed diplomats whose strategy is “don’t do stupid shit,” and law enforcement officials who believe that “Our most effective response to terror and hatred is compassion, unity and love.”
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Terror in France and the Annals of Willful Blindness

By failing to take the jihadists’ ideology seriously, we refuse to understand the breadth of the threat we face.

National Review, by Andrew C. McCarthy, July 16, 2016: 1,240 more words

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Willful Blindness

On Tuesday, Senator Ted Cruz convened a Senate Judiciary Hearing on the Obama Administration’s Willful Blindness to Radical Islamic Terrorism.  What was clear from the outset was that two different questions were being asked and answered by the ‘witnesses’ who were called to testify.  659 more words


Willful Blindness: Senate Hearing on Efforts To Deemphasize Radical Islam in Combating Terrorism


UPDATE 1:50PM. Live-stream of the hearing is available on CSPAN-3. Follow our #WillfulBlindness twitter list for the most comprehensive, minute-by-minute coverage, featuring our CounterJihad team. 616 more words

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Obama Cover Up of Islamic Terrorism

How many terrorist attacks will it take before President Obama can acknowledge the common denominator present in each instance, radical Islam?

President Obama’s politically correct reluctance to attribute the terrorist threat we face with radical Islam hobbles our ability to combat it by discouraging counterterrorism agents from taking radical Islam into account when evaluating potential threats.

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Ted Cruz to Hold Hearing on Cover-up of Islamic Terror by Obama Administration

Conservative Review, By: Daniel Horowitz | June 22, 2016

It’s been over a week since the largest terror attack on American soil in 15 years, yet nobody in Congress has successfully steered the discussion to the actual source of our perilous security situation. 584 more words

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Willful Blind...

… a great post on ‘Why We Ignore the Obvious: The Psychology of Willful Blindness’ From Brainpickings.org

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I especially like the part where the nature of love is discussed… 50 more words