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Willful Blindness vs Blind Justice

Our era in history may become known as the time of willful blindness. We have access to information from all over the world instantly, but people prefer to keep blind spots in place to protect status quo.   113 more words


Londonistan's Islamist Mayor Tells New York City to Get Used to Terrorism

London’s first Muslim mayor and best pals with the Muslim Brotherhood, Sadiq Khan, knows his taqiyya. Give vague lip service to law and order, tell people they need to get used to stuff like this, attack those trying to prevent future jihadists from entering the western nations, and never condemn terrorism. 434 more words

Collapse Of The West

DEADLIEST LIE: Without 'Lone Wolf' Lie, U.S. Could Have Stopped Nearly EVERY ATTACK

PJ Media, by Andrew C. McCarthy, Sept. 21, 2016:

Some time ago, the invaluable Patrick Poole coined the term “known wolf,” sharply shredding the conventional Washington wisdom that “lone wolf” terrorism is a major domestic threat. 1,432 more words

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Bombings in NY and NJ, Serial Knifing in Minn., Islamist Celebrations on Twitter - Nope, No Idea, We Give Up

The mayor of New York City doesn’t think it’s terrorism. Apparently the note written in Arabic that was carefully left behind, the eruption of Islamist boasts on social media, and the knifer in Minnesota, Dahir Adan, asking people if they were Muslim before stabbing them, were not helpful clues. 1,143 more words

Collapse Of The West

ISIS Answers Pope Francis: Ours Is a Religious War and We Hate You

Pope Francis has repeatedly said that Islam is a religion of peace and terrorist violence perpetrated in its name is not true Islam. However ISIS has now specifically contradicted the pope’s words, saying he doesn’t really understand Islam and “struggles against reality”. 637 more words

Collapse Of The West

From 9-11-01 to 9-11-16: It's Much Worse Now

What were the lessons of September 11? Was it merely a clever exploitation of a chink in America’s armor by a little terrorist cell? And what should our response be today besides candles, teddy bears, and symbolic tributes? 1,829 more words

Collapse Of The West

Tattoos and Wristbands: Europe's "Empowering" Response to Male Migrant Sex Violence

As a result of increasingly prevalent sexual attacks on women and children at music festivals, public pools, and elsewhere in Europe, authorities in several countries have adopted weak, ineffectual attempts to address the problem. 581 more words

Collapse Of The West