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A Story That Actually Does Need to Be Told

It’s kind of a nice moment when pop culture stumbles across a worthy subject.  It’ll be even nicer if pop culture gives it the treatment it deserves. 6 more words

War On Terror

McGregor vs. Mendes...still SMH

Is it too late for me to talk about the McGregor vs. Mendes fight at UFC 189 a few weeks ago?

Yeah, but them’s the breaks; I couldn’t get to a computer since the fight. 528 more words

Gonzo Journal

Living in the real world

I worry about the society we live in, the world we live in.  I’m currently reading about wilful blindness (blog/book review to follow another day) and it seems such a pertinent explanation for so much of what I see going on around me. 1,078 more words


OSCE Conference in Vienna: Don't Mention the "I" Word

Tundra Tabloids, May 31, 2015:


Winston Churchill whispers to FDR:

”Don’t say German National Socialism, for in doing so it gives the impression that being German motivates people to war, terrorism and other crimes.”

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