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Casualty: The unforgettable Dr Zoe Hanna

(Series 30, ep. 34) I can’t even start to describe how much I’m going to miss Dr Zoe Hanna. She’s been my favourite Casualty character for as long as I remember, and not usually because of her medical skills (though she was brilliant at her job). 370 more words


Casualty: The one with the spider(s)

(Series 30, ep. 33) For one reason and another it’s been quite a few weeks since I watched Casualty. I don’t know whether the fact that I picked up the thread fairly easily means that not much has been happening, or just that this episode happened to focus on things I already knew about. 278 more words


Casualty: The agency nurse gets a shock

(Series 30, ep. 25) When a new agency nurse is featured at all on Casualty or Holby, they generally have “expendable” written across their forehead in invisible ink. 363 more words


Casualty: Cal’s left holding the baby

(Series 30, ep.8) If you hadn’t seen the red button episode last week you might have been a bit bewildered to see Cal and Ethan now living with a very tiny baby. 369 more words


BBC Casualty & OCD

Something a little different for
today. I’ve been a massive fan of the BBC show Casualty for almost a year now, and with one character, Dr Dylan Keogh displaying OCD behaviour in the recent episodes, it has really opened my eyes to this issue. 446 more words


Casualty: Over-worked and under-intoxicated

(Series 29, ep.37) The BBC Casualty website informed us that “Dylan has another bad day,” so I wasn’t expecting a happy outcome for his patient (a woman, Anne, whose husband had dementia and whose son didn’t seem all that bothered). 556 more words


Casualty: Try being breezy

(Series 29, ep.34) It was the first week of Dylan’s tenure as Clinical Lead and, as I predicted, he’d got Dervla in helping with the filing – a cock-up at Doggy Daycare, apparently. 881 more words