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All Grieco, All the Time.

Put on your X-ray specs, because ‘If Looks Could Kill’ is the Greatest Movie EVER!

Click on the movie poster or the title above to download our review of the film, featuring Sean ‘Hollywood’ Hunting. 57 more words

Greatest Movie EVER

Q&A with Producer of Documentary about O.J. Simpson Trial

Following my December 15, 2013 Blogcritics review of Jeffery Toobin’s The Run of His Life: The People vs. O.J. Simpson, I was contacted by the executive producer for the recent independent documentary film, … 770 more words

Book Review

Movie Quote of the Day - The Rocketeer, 1991 (dir. Joe Johnston)

Cliff Secord: Jenny, prepare yourself for a shock: I’m the Rocketeer.
Jenny: The Rocke-who?
Cliff Secord: Oh, for crying out loud, haven’t you read the papers?

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Movie Quote Of The Day

Harry and the Hendersons

For some reason a full-scale treatment of the legend of Bigfoot has eluded Hollywood, except for quickie horror films and sleazy “In Search Of” pseudo-documentaries. Harry and the Hendersons sets this right; it’s a grade-A production, set in the Northwest, all about one family’s close encounter with the big hairy beast. 663 more words


Angels in the Outfield

Starring: Danny Glover, Tony Danza, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Directed by William Dear
Year: 1994
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Just as I was coming out of my childhood (my wife would argue this point, but whatever) I was discovering sports but also had a love for the family movies Disney was putting out. 515 more words


Could O.J. Simpson Be Innocent?

“OJ is innocent”

Private investigator claims Simpson’s SON hacked star’s wife and friend to death… and he went to trial to cover it up

A Texas private investigator claims he knows who really killed Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman in 1994. 560 more words

Orenthal James Simpson

Controversial Author Says O.J. Didn’t Kill But Knows Who Did

MIAMI (CBSMiami) — The OJ Simpson murder trial divided the country, but a private eye from North Texas has written a book which points the finger at another possible suspect. 953 more words