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“You’re working with composition and the colors. The subject is not everything.”

William Eggleston

On Photography

Exercise: Nigel Shafran

This exercise asks me to answer a number of questions regarding the series, Washing-up 2000, by photographer Nigel Shafran.

Nigel Shafran

Nigel Shafran began his photography career in the fashion industry. 893 more words

Part 3 Exercises

Eggleston's tip

“Be attentive to what’s before and beyond the focus plane. The framing is the formality of it.”

William Eggleston

On Photography

Phillips Leads Totals in Week of Disappointing Fall Photo Auctions

The results of this week’s Fall Photo Sales were—with the exception of a controversial Mapplethorpe—subpar.

Collectors had their eyes and their purses open for a blitz of sales at three major New York auction houses, but in the end a much of the artwork was left unsold, especially by historically popular artists that have been the bread-and-butter of photo sales in recent years. 683 more words