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William Eggleston influences...

I usually need art to be dropped unsubtly into my lap for me to really appreciate and consider it.
I just stumbled across William Eggelston while reading about something else and then I got lost in reading about his influence in getting colour film photography accepted and respected. 165 more words


If you are in Melbourne during April to June this year make sure you catch William Eggleston Portraits at the NGV.

William Eggleston is often described as the pioneer of colour photography and an inspiration for Sofia Coppola who describes viewing his work as “having your breath taken away”. 17 more words

Colour Photography

Exhibition review: William Eggleston Portraits

A photographer for more than 50 years William Eggleston is revered as one of the most important artists of the 20th-century in his field.

This, though, has not always been the case. 642 more words


Being little geekish about Eggleston

This will sound like a geek’s ‘Guide’ to Eggleston, but one of the things that most interested us about the William Eggleston Portraits show at the NGV in Melbourne was the printing. 531 more words


Dusk in Eggleston

Twilight comes as the sun fades into the distance and a cool, hazy glow shadows over the world. I hoped to capture a William Eggleston atmosphere and vibe while walking through these neighborhood that was eerily reminiscent of the 70s.


“I had this notion of what I called a democratic way of looking around, that nothing was more or less important. It quickly came to be that I grew interested in photographing whatever was there, wherever I happened to be. 622 more words