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Contact (1997)

Radio enthusiast Eleanor Arroway spends her life looking for extra-terrestrial life. After earning her PhD in Science, she gets the opportunity to use the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico. 384 more words


Sylvia Hoeks, William Fichtner Join Milo Gibson's Action-Thriller 'All the Devil's Men' (EXCLUSIVE)

Dutch actress Sylvia Hoeks and William Fichtner have joined Milo Gibson and Gbenga Akinnagbe in the action-thriller “All the Devil’s Men” for GFM Films and producer Hannah Leader. 278 more words


Teenage mutant ninja turtles (2014)

Turn off your mind … and enjoy the ride!

The first question most people ask after watching the 2014-version of The teenage mutant ninja turtles… 689 more words


The Lone Ranger (2013)

A bumbling lawyer left for dead by a gang of ruthless outlaws is rescued by an enigmatic Comanche warrior and becomes a masked vigilante.

Quite why Disney thought that resurrecting a TV show that had stopped running before their parents were born would be irresistible to the children of today I’m not quite sure, but they no doubt assumed that the combination of Johnny Depp and Gore Verbinski would be money in the bank. 179 more words


Film Review: 'American Wrestler: The Wizard'

From “American Beauty” to “The Last American Virgin,” there have been so many American-monikered movies over the past few decades that we hardly stop to dwell on their titles any longer. 655 more words


The Lone Ranger

Released 2013 Rating 12A in UK Director Gore Verbinski Writer/s Justin Haythe, Ted Elliot, Terry Rossio Starring 190 more words
2010 - 2015

Ultraviolet (2006)

Civil war looms between humans and a genetically mutated vampire-like subspecies.

Ultraviolet is one of those films where you look at the stills and just don’t believe it could be as bad as it’s reputation suggests; and it does look glorious. 97 more words