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ILL in the Beginning

America first watched ILL on Oct 15th, 1951. A Monday night on CBS. (Can we all agree that the CBS Monday night line up has fallen farrrr from the comedy tree?) So in keeping with tradition, I’m going to be watching an episode every Monday from the beginning all through the 180 episodes, to the Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour. 391 more words

Fred & Ethel & Udo

I’m hanging out in color with Fred and Ethel in some bizarre loft apartment that I can only imagine is somewhere in the more affordable part of the Hollywood Hills, which is to say, the bottom of them. 563 more words

Genna Rivieccio

On December 1 Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz got married...

On December 1, 1940 Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz got married.

The couple met in 1940 when Lucille Ball was filming the Rodgers and Hart musical “Too Many Girls.” Their marriage eventually became the central theme and inspiration of the television sitcom “I Love Lucy,” which subsequently became an international sensation.  53 more words


I Love Lucy-65 Years And Still Going Strong

This past Saturday, October 15th, marked the 65th anniversary of the premiere of I Love Lucy.

I Love Lucy is and will forever be a classic. 357 more words


October 15th I Love Lucy Day

It was on October 15th, 1951 that “I Love Lucy” went into production. It was the first show ever to have a script and be filmed live in front of an audience that got in for free! 317 more words

Unboxing The Bizarre

"I Love Lucy": Celebrating 65 Years of a Comedic Classic

Lucy, you got some ‘splainin’ to do!

And you can start by explaining how a television show that first premiered 65 years ago today is still more popular and beloved than 90% of all the other programs which have aired in the last six decades. 2,988 more words

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I Love Lucy

This post is dedicated to the undisputed queen of comedy on what would have been her birthday.  Lucille Ball was a woman of extraordinary talent and power.   872 more words

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