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on being blue

INFINITE JEST pp. 503-601 (notes 209-245)

You know what, im starting to like it.

It only took 500 pages, and strangely enough as my enjoyment began to increase it’s become harder to read, or maybe that’s just my stamina lowering. 1,459 more words

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JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 10 |10 |15

One of those pell-mell weeks, running from one thing to another. Work was busy, home was busy.

Almost mid-October, the Fall light is flattening out, lending to some really nice evening colors. 114 more words

JSP Visual Week In Review

"And now, it's boner time!"

Boners in this case being “errors of fact, not of judgment.”

Jack Green was the sole producer of an avantgarde literary newspaper in the early sixties. 3,144 more words

Avant Garde Lit

Another thing to clear up . . .

So a writer has queried about the number of titles to send for consideration. It would be best to send just one story at a time per volume of the anthology. 273 more words

Paging Mr. Difficult: The Contentious Legacy of William Gaddis

Sixty years after the publication of The Recognitions, his first novel, how do we describe the literary reputation of William Gaddis? 1,183 more words


everybody's grandpa

Evan Dara’s THE LOST SCRAPBOOK, pp. 6-72

Many of us im sure think a little about how to write differently. To make something that could push out beyond Brechtian alienation or the long postmodern and all the rest of that which is now tradition. 3,443 more words

US Lit

A Frolic of His Own: on jury duty and revisiting Gaddis

by Michael Sarinsky

“Justice? – You get justice in the next world, in this world you have the law,” begins William Gaddis’ A Frolic of His Own… 1,230 more words

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