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Cultural Understanding with Intercourse

Look like a German organ to you Major? Looks to me like the biggest black organ I’ve ever seen, maybe your boy’s passing it around to give the other youngsters a really meaningful learning experience in race relations.

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[V]arious reports were received at home concerning the pastor’s sabbatical: rococo tales, adorned with every element but truth. It was not true that […] he had dressed himself in rags, rented three pitiful children, and was to be encountered daily by footloose tourists in a state of mendicant collapse before the Ritz hotel in Madrid; it was not true that he had stood the entire population of Malaga to drinks for three days and then conducted them on an experimental hike across the sea toward Africa, intending that the One he sought should manage it dry-shod; it was not true that he had married a hoary crone with bangles in her ears, proclaimed himself rightful heir to the throne of Abd-er-Rahman, and led an insurrection of the Moors on Cordoba.

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“An unfinished novel is like having a sick guest in the house.”

-William Gaddis


The Recognitions by William Gaddis

“–Reading it? Christ no, what do you think I am? I just been having trouble sleeping, so my analyst told me to get a book and count the letters, so I just went in and asked them for the thickest book in the place and they sold me this damned thing, he muttered looking at the book with intimate dislike.

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William Gaddis and American Satire

George Hunka explores the satiric impulse underlying the work of the twentieth-century writer

That William Gaddis was first and foremost a satirist is suggested by Stephen Moore in his monograph on the novelist. 382 more words

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