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“Le perizie” di William Gaddis

di Amedeo Buonanno

“L’errato giudizio di una generazione è sempre fonte di sorpresa per la successiva.” Uguale stupore, suggerisce Steven Moore nel suo saggio “William Gaddis”, ci prende ora quando veniamo a conoscenza che “Le perizie”, opera prima di William Gaddis pubblicata nel 1955, fosse stata largamente ignorata per 20 anni fino alla pubblicazione, nel 1975, di “JR”. 5,408 more words

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On buying a second copy of William Gaddis's JR (Book acquired, 5 Aug. 2017)

I was at the bookstore last week, killing a spare hour, looking for nothing in particular, when I spotted a first edition Knopf paperback copy of William Gaddis’s novel  792 more words


163. (William Gaddis)

“So listen I got this night idea hey, you listening? Hey? You listening . . .?”

Thus ends J R.  The voice of an eleven year old buzzing, in miniature typeface on the page, from a dangling phone line: a voice incessantly grabbing attention to peddle its newest scheme, hungry to interact in order to transact, and needing always more. 1,915 more words

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162. (William Gaddis)

No other writer has made me think about the short story and short fiction as William Gaddis has; that is maybe because his novels JR  1,668 more words

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161. (William Gaddis)

Though The Recognitions may have overwhelmed more powerfully, submerging and clinging with an undercurrent, JR (so far; nearing a half-way mark) is the more astonishing novel, for the technical challenge it confronts, overcomes, and redeems—redemption being necessary because a novel depending on a limitation of form or technique alone needs, for success, to prove that the challenge opened a new horizon, accommodated feeling and thought that otherwise would have been impossible. 1,655 more words

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Postscript on Dara and Gaddis

Last month, I sketched out the case that Manuel Puig may have had more to do with the look and sound of Evan Dara’s novels than William Gaddis. 189 more words

William Gaddis

160. (William Gaddis)

Charles Dickens appears as a character in Gaddis’ The Recognitions, published in 1955, and it is hard not to believe that Gaddis did not, if he did not arrive there himself, come to an appreciation of Dickens through the praise of Edmund Wilson, written some fifteen years earlier and carrying others in its wake since. 1,349 more words

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