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William Gaddis' The Recognitions

William Gaddis’ The Recognitions is a stylistically and generically conflicted novel. On one hand it is, as it is billed by Jonathan Franzen in its blurb, the “ur-text of postwar fiction,” initiating the noble tradition of ‘the penis novel’ (here being a synonym for maximalist, encyclopaedic, post-thing) in contemporary American letters, a tradition extended by William Gass, the aforementioned Franzen, Thomas Pynchon, David Foster Wallace, Don De Lillo &c. 881 more words

On William Gaddis and Joseph Heller

George Hunka reflects on his reading of Something Happened and Carpenter’s Gothic

At breakfast this morning I mentioned Joseph Heller’s 1975 novel Something Happened to my wife. 490 more words

20th Century

JR by William Gaddis

These days, most people who know William Gaddis seem to know him for his epic novel The Recognitions. A few know him for The Tunnel… 1,391 more words

"First—listen. Listen to Joyce, to Woolf, to Faulkner, to Melville" | On Audiobooks of "Difficult" Novels

I am a huge fan of audiobooks. I’ve pretty much always got one going—for commutes, jogs, workaday chores, etc. The usual. I love to listen to audiobooks of books I’ve already read, in particular, but I of course listen to new stuff too, or stuff that’s new to me, anyway. 1,083 more words


The Letters of William Gaddis

Paul Griffiths reviews the volume in the TLS

“Another damned thick, square book.” It is easy to imagine William Gaddis responding thus to the publication of his letters, quoting, as he regularly did in connection with his novels, a remark thrown at Edward Gibbon by a royal duke of the time. 110 more words

20th Century

Scissors-and-paste man | William Gaddis's notes toward composing J R

William Gaddis’s cut-and-paste notes toward composing his novel J R. Check out more of Gaddis’s notes for J R at the Modern Literature Collection at Washington University. 62 more words