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everybody's grandpa

Evan Dara’s THE LOST SCRAPBOOK, pp. 6-72

Many of us im sure think a little about how to write differently. To make something that could push out beyond Brechtian alienation or the long postmodern and all the rest of that which is now tradition. 3,441 more words

US Lit

A Frolic of His Own: on jury duty and revisiting Gaddis

by Michael Sarinsky

“Justice? – You get justice in the next world, in this world you have the law,” begins William Gaddis’ A Frolic of His Own… 1,230 more words

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balling all night

“—I wish I had written The Wild Duck, Stanley said.
—I’m high, man.
—On what?
—On tea. We been balling all night. Have you got any?”

— William Gaddis, The Recognitions


they become familiar

“And then I saw this thing. When I saw it all of a sudden everything was freed, into one recognition, really freed into reality that we never see, you never see it. 39 more words


change a line

“—He said, You can change a line without touching it.”

— William Gaddis, The Recognitions


William Gaddis' s "The Recognitions"

Where to begin? Perhaps the best way is to mention that an entire book was written (Jack Green, Fire the Bastards, Dalkey Archive Press) excoriating the book reviewing industry for their neglect of Gaddis’ masterpiece “The Recognitions” from when it was first published in 1955 and in subsequent years as it became more well known, providing verbatim quotes from actual reviews and tearing them apart, stating that these proved the authors had either not read it, were making things up, or outright lying, all the while damning it with faint praise or dismissing it as too difficult, too obscure. 477 more words


the same frame of mind

“The artist must approach his work in the same frame of mind in which the criminal commits his deed.”

— William Gaddis, The Recognitions