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WILLIAM GALSTON: Everyone Is for Equal Opportunity, Except ...

Wall Street Journal — Where conservatives and liberals disagree is on how fair society is and government’s role.

‘The left generally espouses the idea of ‘redistributive fairness,’ ” claims Arthur Brooks, the president of the American Enterprise Institute, in his new book, “The Conservative Heart: How to Build a Fairer, Happier, and More Prosperous America.” In contrast, Mr. 48 more words


WILLIAM GALSTON: Hillary Gets It Right On Short-Termism

Wall Street Journal — Too many CEOs ignore long-term performance, to the economy’s harm.

Whatever one may think about her policy proposals, Hillary Clinton has put her finger on a real problem: Too many CEOs are making decisions based on short-term considerations, regardless of their impact on the long-run performance of their firms. 60 more words


WILLIAM GALSTON: The U.S. Needs a Two-Track Strategy on Iran

Wall Street Journal — Abide by the nuclear deal, but also launch a strong policy to stop Tehran’s Middle East expansion.

‘The test of a first-rate intelligence,” F. 94 more words

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WILLIAM GALSTON: Questions About Hillary’s Middle Way

Wall Street Journal —How do you get faster growth and make sure its fruits are shared with all who helped create it?

With Hillary Clinton’s stage-setting economic speech, the terms of the 2016 campaign are coming into view. 64 more words


WILLIAM GALSTON: A Win on Marriage—Now Protect Faith

Wall Street Journal — The right to same-sex marriage should not interfere with the right to religious liberty.

For those of us who support both same-sex marriage and a robust conception of religious free exercise, this is the moment of truth. 79 more words


WILLIAM GALSTON: Modern Autocrats Are on the March

Wall Street Journal — Democracy has lost its confidence, giving way to a new high-tech and savvy totalitarianism.

While the rise of violent Islamism has transfixed the world, another, graver threat—21st-century autocracy—is gathering strength. 84 more words


WILLIAM GALSTON: Hillary Got It Right About Growth

Wall Street Journal — Democrats talk about fairness but forget that a robust economy would make it easier to achieve.

‘Growth and fairness go together,” Hillary Clinton said during her Roosevelt Island speech in New York City on Saturday. 87 more words