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WILLIAM GALSTON: A Win on Marriage—Now Protect Faith

Wall Street Journal — The right to same-sex marriage should not interfere with the right to religious liberty.

For those of us who support both same-sex marriage and a robust conception of religious free exercise, this is the moment of truth. 79 more words


WILLIAM GALSTON: Modern Autocrats Are on the March

Wall Street Journal — Democracy has lost its confidence, giving way to a new high-tech and savvy totalitarianism.

While the rise of violent Islamism has transfixed the world, another, graver threat—21st-century autocracy—is gathering strength. 84 more words


WILLIAM GALSTON: Hillary Got It Right About Growth

Wall Street Journal — Democrats talk about fairness but forget that a robust economy would make it easier to achieve.

‘Growth and fairness go together,” Hillary Clinton said during her Roosevelt Island speech in New York City on Saturday. 87 more words


WILLIAM GALSTON: Hillary Needs More Than the Obama Coalition

Wall Street Journal — History suggests that the 3.9-point edge Obama had in 2012 will vanish, leaving 2016 a dead heat.

It is now clear that Hillary Rodham Clinton’s 2016 presidential run will more closely resemble Barack Obama’s campaigns than it will her husband’s. 78 more words


WILLIAM GALSTON: How Bureaucracy Bogs Down Israel’s Economy

Wall Street Journal — In the U.S. it takes six working days to start a business. In Israel: 34.


Israel is a remarkable country with big problems. 59 more words


WILLIAM GALSTON: Don’t Blame Trade for Slow Growth

Wall Street Journal — The North American Free Trade Agreement’s track record tells us little about today’s concerns.

Amid the din of controversy over the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), there is wide agreement on one point: The North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) was a failure. 75 more words


WILLIAM GALSTON: The Anti-Bill de Blasio’s Chicago Challenge

Wall Street Journal — Rahm Emanuel’s policies are paying off—but big pension problems loom.

In 2015 no mayor of a large, diverse city can believe that a rising tide lifts all boats. 86 more words