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WILLIAM GALSTON: Don’t Blame Trade for Slow Growth

Wall Street Journal — The North American Free Trade Agreement’s track record tells us little about today’s concerns.

Amid the din of controversy over the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), there is wide agreement on one point: The North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) was a failure. 75 more words


WILLIAM GALSTON: The Anti-Bill de Blasio’s Chicago Challenge

Wall Street Journal — Rahm Emanuel’s policies are paying off—but big pension problems loom.

In 2015 no mayor of a large, diverse city can believe that a rising tide lifts all boats. 86 more words


WILLIAM GALSTON: A Trade Deal With Help for U.S. Workers Baked In

Wall Street Journal — Globalization has many benefits, but it comes at a cost to American labor that must be addressed.

As President Obama battles to win support for legislation granting him Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), he may wonder why he doesn’t have the wind in his sails. 75 more words


WILLIAM GALSTON: HillaryClinton Needs a Pro-Growth Plan

Wall Street Journal: Helping ‘everyday Americans’ will mean laying out how to get wages back on the rise.

When Barack Obama took office in 2009, he faced three distinct economic challenges. 30 more words


WILLIAM GALSTON: Giuliani Aside, What Does Love of Country Mean?

Wall Street Journal: Criticizing the nation to help make it better and stronger is preferable to blind devotion.

‘I do not believe that the president loves America,” former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani said last week. 62 more words