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The Right PATH

The PATH tubes were an engineering marvel when they were built more than 100 years ago. The driving force behind their construction was an ambitious lawyer named William Gibbs McAdoo, president of the Hudson & Manhattan Railroad Company, who saw possibilities for profit in bypassing the lumbering ferries that connected Jersey City and Hoboken to Manhattan.  344 more words

Port Authority

The Tale of a (Brokered) National Convention

Allow me to set the scene for you: it is an exceptionally hot summer day.  A major political party is holding its national convention to choose a nominee for the upcoming presidential election.  690 more words


John W. Davis, a worthy opponent

It has been remarked that 1924 was the last time both major U.S. parties nominated a true and undisputed conservative for president. This may be true, and it very likely also was Davis’ undoing as a candidate. 744 more words

Calvin Coolidge