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What If?

I have been pondering recently on what it is to be a writer, and before you all start to groin about me on a downer, I’m not!  706 more words


lord of the flies by william golding

As I’ve done with some other audiobook reviews, I would like to state that the following review is strictly for the audiobook version of  551 more words


Lord of the Flies

It’s not often that one reads a books and becomes immediately aware of its importance. Up until now, I had only noticed this with To Kill a Mockingbird  and  365 more words


What's Law Got to Do with It?

We have a love/hate relationship with the law. We must have rules to build a society. In Lord of the Flies, William Golding gives us the story of lost boys forming their own laws in an imperfect society to control their fear and desperation, a social order based on the example set by their experience of an adult model, equally imperfect. 754 more words


The Mad Maxathon, part three: Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985)

Part one, part two, part four

This is the one that broke the franchise.

It is the one with the audacity to have a character claim, early on, that ‘We’re dealing with subtlety here’. 812 more words


Seychelles Spectacular Sunset Speculation

Anyone who knows me or follows me on Facebook or Instagram is familiar with my love of sunsets. I post loads of photos of the show on display as days end, each new, all different and spectacular in their own way and worthy of attempts to capture at least a fraction of the show. 549 more words


Book Review: Lord of the Flies

There is something inherent in dystopian allegory that calls out to us. We can’t really explain it; it’s almost like we take pleasure in the fact that it’s not as horrible as it could have been, that we don’t have a Big Brother – circa… 1,566 more words

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