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  • “I deem the present occasion sufficiently important and solemn to justify me in expressing to my fellow citizens a profound reverence for the Christian religion, and a thorough conviction that sound morals, religious liberty, and a just sense of religious responsibility are essentially connected with all true and lasting happiness.” ~
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William Harrison
  • “As long as the love of power is a dominant passion of the human bosom, and as long as the understanding of men can be warped and their affections changed by operations upon their passions and prejudices, so long will the liberties of a people depend on their constant attention to its preservation .
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William Harrison

Short Story Review: William Harrison's "Roller Ball Murder" (1973)

(Uncredited cover for the 1975 edition of The Year’s Best Science Fiction No. 7 (variant title: Best SF: 1973) (1974), ed. Harry Harrison and Brian Aldiss) 679 more words

Science Fiction

Mountains of the Moon (1989) - reviewed by George

A film about Richard Burton (Patrick Bergin) and John Hanning Speke (Iain Glen) as they search Africa for the source of the Nile treats us to a sort of non-fictional “King Solomon’s Mines”. 636 more words


Burton and Speke

Harrison, William. Burton and Speke. New York: St. Martin’s, 1982.

Reason read: September is National Curiosity Month. What better way to satisfy curiosity than to go exploring the source of the Nile? 405 more words

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Time Spent With the Harvard Classics - Holinshed's Chronicles

We have previously taken a broad overview of the work called Holinshed’s Chronicles.  Today we will take a further look at this with respect to William Harrison’s input and with particular emphasis on Elizabethan punishments. 122 more words

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  • The tendency of power to increase itself, particularly when excercised by a single individual . . . would terminate n virtual monarchy.” ~William Harrison, Inaugural Address, March 4, 1841
William Harrison