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Was It Really That Bad? The Internet and Criticisms

As I was telling a friend the other day, no story is perfect. Everything has some flaw. A momentary stumble of words, a bland side character, too much or too little focus on a detail, the list is different for each but it is there. 767 more words


A Different Kind of Character Motivation 

Here is a situation: you are minding your own business at work, enjoying your day while munching on a egg salad sandwich and chips in the break room. 1,024 more words


Paradigm Shift

One aspect of writing I have found in myself is how quickly momentum can change from one project to another. It can happen so suddenly, I may not even be sure just how it happened. 650 more words


Unexpected Events Equal Less Time

Hello Everyone!

No, I’m not dead, nor have I suddenly given up writing, my dreams and ambitions, joined the circus, or sworn off humanity, built a shake deep in a remote mountain range while wearing flannel and a beard as I live off the land away from all technology and people. 247 more words


A Pleasant Surprise: Reviewing a Play I Did Not Expect

This past Sunday, I visited a local college to attend, what I thought was, a lecture about comic books and the Congressional hearings that almost shut them down for good. 871 more words

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Formulas in Media, and Not the Math Kind

We are all familiar with our favorite entertainment’s formula. You know how it goes. Situation A causes Problem B which Character C solves. This is most relevant in television. 1,101 more words


Buisness Behind the Art

Last week, I touched a little bit on the current state of the comic book industry, and wanted to expand a little on the subject. However, this isn’t going to be just me saying what is wrong with the industry and only this industry. 944 more words