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Comic Book Rant: Is the Price Worth It?

I have read comics since I was a kid in middle school, and going to the comic book store are some of my favorite memories. Going through box after box of old issues, hunting for the next on the list or finding a surprise that starts a whole new search, or eagerly scanning the new release shelf for the long awaited continuing issue. 551 more words

William Harrison

Inside Jokes: What and When to Share

Recently, I went on vacation to sunny (warm) Florida with a good friend of mine, and as what happens during all road trips, inside jokes are made that only we get, let alone find funny. 711 more words


How Long Will the Marvel Movies Continue to be Good?

Avengers 2: Age of Ultron is soon to be released in theaters, which got me thinking. Just how long before I get tired of the Marvel movies? 525 more words


What Was I Going to Say?

Two things happened that makes this post unique. The first, I didn’t realize that April Fool’s Day would fall on Wednesday this year, leaving without a proper Fool’s Day joke post. 458 more words


Rollerball (1975) | The future is here… are you ready to play again?

In a corporate-controlled future, conflict is a thing of the past, but blood continues to be shed on the tracks of Rollerball – a violent gladiatorial spectacle that pits players in a televised battle of life and death.  567 more words

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1975: Rollerball

I’m a day late, aaaannnddd, I’m not even writing about what I had intended. I was going to do Giant-Size X-Men #1 which introduced Storm, Nightcrawler, and  Collosus, but honestly, I’m a little comiced out, and I feel people are familiar with the story. 847 more words


Was It Really That Bad? The Internet and Criticisms

As I was telling a friend the other day, no story is perfect. Everything has some flaw. A momentary stumble of words, a bland side character, too much or too little focus on a detail, the list is different for each but it is there. 767 more words