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The Edge of Destruction

From his own people the Doctor has fled,
Kidnapped some teachers, aimed a rock at a head,
Conned his way onto the Dalek wastelands,
But centre stage this week it’s Sue-Scissorhands. 1,612 more words

Doctor Who

14 - The Daleks

Universally recognised as the story that transformed Doctor Who into a nationwide hit, The Daleks is much, much more than a mere introduction story to the alien race that would go on to become the Doctor’s deadliest enemies. 583 more words

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An Unearthly Child

A brand new review of the very first Doctor Who story.  Once upon a time there was a junkyard shrouded in fog on a London street.  1,862 more words

Doctor Who

The Monster Manifesto - Charting the Future for Doctor Who!

It may have escaped your attention that Doctor Who recently made the biggest change to it’s status quo in it’s fifty-four year history – perhaps the biggest change since the inaugural regeneration of First Doctor  1,697 more words


First: The Time Meddler

Writer: Dennis Spooner

Director: Douglas Camfield

Companions: Vicki (Maureen O’Brien), Steven Taylor (Peter Purves)

Season: 2, episode 9 (36-39)

Episodes: “The Watcher”, “The Meddling Monk”, “A Battle of Wits”, “Checkmate” 454 more words

Doctor Who

Is a clue to a missing episodes recovery hiding in plain sight?

Before venturing into this post, I must warn that this article contains SPOILERS about the end of Series 10 of Doctor Who. While I am fairly confident what I am about to comment is widely known, this is your last chance to look away now if you are still to watch The Doctor Falls. 949 more words

Missing Episodes

Start Here:

I intended to write up the episodes of the new series of Doctor Who — and I have finally started doing so, have seen “The Lie of the Land”. 1,023 more words