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Episode 130 - "The Smugglers" - Part Four

Many things are ending here. This story ends, thank goodness. This is also the last fully-missing Hartnell serial, and this particular episode is the final reconstruction of the First Doctor’s era. 183 more words

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War of God

John Wiles never made any secret that The Daleks Master Plan was rather imposed on him, which means that The Massacre offers us a much better chance to understand what his vision of… 685 more words

William Hartnell

Episode 129 - "The Smugglers" - Part Three

Here’s episode three. I motivate myself to continue by remembering that there’s only one more episode after this one! Hooray!

So…things continue to be happening, and I continue to have a tough time understanding exactly what’s going on. 260 more words

First Doctor

The Destruction of Time

The Destruction of Time is devastating.  Nothing in the story to date, indeed the series so far, quite prepares you for the cataclysmic events that unfold during these twenty five minutes.  576 more words

William Hartnell

Episode 128 - "The Smugglers" - Part Two

Time for part two of our epic story, and I’m somehow thinking, just from the screenshot I found, that this is perhaps not going to be the best story ever. 253 more words

First Doctor

The Abandoned Planet

After a run of light-hearted episodes, there’s a sudden shift of mood in The Abandoned Planet.  Things open normally enough, the Doctor has managed to land the TARDIS on Kembel, although initially he thought he’d failed and apologised to both Steven and Sara.  593 more words

William Hartnell

114 - Aztec Savvy

It’s a sangria-fueled classic-Who-episode of Verity! Join Deb, Erika, and Katrina as we cover a pure historical, “The Aztecs”. As usual, we don’t all fall in line with received fan wisdom, but for a change, the majority of us do. 112 more words

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