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The Survivors

Once the Doctor eventually realises that the planet is contaminated with a very high level of radioactive fallout it’s chilling to see how keen he is to abandon Barbara to her fate – 553 more words

Carole Ann Ford

The Dead Planet

The Daleks was the second William Hartnell story I watched, a mere eight years after the Five Faces screening of An Unearthly Child.  The year was 1989 and BBC Video had released a double-pack of… 1,085 more words

Carole Ann Ford

The Firemaker

During season one the Doctor is a rather self-centered sort of person – far removed from the champion of the oppressed that he’d later become. 766 more words

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The Forest of Fear

The early years of Doctor Who have some fine examples of caption acting.  As the episode and writers credits were superimposed over the opening scene it often called for an actor to freeze in a suitably impressive way.  795 more words

Carole Ann Ford

The Cave of Skulls

After acting in a malevolent and mocking way in the previous episode (the highlight being his attempt to electrocute Ian) the Doctor’s in a much more friendly and mellow mood in… 654 more words

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What makes YOUR Doctor THE Doctor?

Doctor Who has been going for over 50 years now and the one reason its been able to stay on our TV screens is its ability to change it up every now and again. 375 more words

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'The Three Doctors' Revisited

This week, I revisit the Tenth Anniversary episode of Doctor Who.  Spoilers obviously follow.

Key Players:

The Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee), Jo Grant (Katy Manning), … 1,295 more words

Doctor Who