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Episode 099 - "Golden Death"

So last night I saw kind of a meh movie. But there you are. Now I’m back here, and ready to watch…well, what’s probably going to be a rather meh episode in a rather meh serial. 277 more words

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Episode 098 - "Volcano"

Just a quick heads-up! No article tomorrow, as I’ll be seeing  a movie.

But tonight we have “Volcano”. So let’s get on with that, shall we? 225 more words

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Episode 097 - "The Feast of Steven"

Sorry I missed out yesterday. I had a couple of friends over and we watched North by Northwest. Excellent movie. Fear not, though, I bring you holiday greetings to make up for my absence! 221 more words

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Episode 096 - "Coronas of the Sun"

Turns out it’s very difficult to find screenshots for certain episodes, especially when you haven’t seen them yet, so you aren’t sure if they actually go to that particular episode or a different one. 332 more words

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Episode 095 - "Counterplot"

We reunite with Sara Kingdom, ordering the Doctor and Steven to be killed on sight. Nothing like a good old fashioned police state. Then we follow the Doctor and Steven as they enter the set of some game show. 411 more words

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So much more than a 'grumpy old man'.

To me the first Doctor was never just a ‘grumpy old man’,
Ok, so when we first meet him he kidnaps two human school teachers but this was in a desperate attempt to avoid being revealed to the world at large and protect Earth from being exposed to aliens and alien technology at a point in its time line where it was far from ready. 440 more words

Doctor Who - The Three Doctors

Since yesterday marked the twentieth anniversary of Jon Pertwee’s death, it seemed rather fitting to watch one of his Doctor Who stories as a small tribute.  1,201 more words