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A Classical Education

The Doctor Who watch-a-thon has begun in earnest and I am surprised already by how much my girls are enjoying the earliest stories.

Ok so after the first episode the rest of ‘An Unearthly Child’ failed to grab my girls attention and we skipped most of it, but to be honest, it fails to grab my attention too. 216 more words

Episode 078 - "The Watcher"

And now we start this, the first of the so-called “pseudo-historicals”. These were stories that took place in a historical setting, often with historical characters, but feature elements of science fiction. 356 more words

First Doctor

My Thoughts on Story 016 - "The Chase"

So the third appearance by the Daleks is done, and Team TARDIS at the end looks almost entirely different from how it looked at the start. 279 more words

First Doctor

108 - 1 New Companion & 2 Classic Stories

We are all over the map this week! Join Deb, Erika, Katrina, and Liz as we discuss all sorts of interesting Doctor Who goodness.

First, we dump our “happy thing” segment and break our no-news rule because… 262 more words

Doctor Who

Episode 077 - "Planet of Decision"

This is the final story with Ian and Barbara, and this is their final episode. It’s quite sad in that way.

But before we get to that, we need to take a look at the rest of the episode, including the rather bizarre Mechonoids. 338 more words

First Doctor

The Lost Stories: The First Doctor Boxset (Audio) Review

Title: The Lost Stories: The First Doctor Box Set
Moris Farhi, adapted by Nigel Robinson
Original Release Date:
10 November 2010

Released over five years ago, The First Doctor Box Set is comprised of two scripts written by Moris Farhi, that never saw production. 713 more words


Episode 076 - "The Death of Doctor Who"

In today’s episode, our heroes arrive on what it is, to give the show credit, a very alien looking landscape. One where Vicki ends up being menaced by a fungus that wouldn’t have been out of place on any Sid and Marty Kroft production… 274 more words

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