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Picture of the Day: Group Therapy

From 1963: The original TARDIS crew and Verity Lambert enjoy a beverage to celebrate the show’s first series.


Picture of the Day: Just a bit off the top

From 1964: William Hartnell gets his Wig on in 1965.


KKLAK! LIVES VI – An Adventure in Space and Time

I was relieved when the fiftieth anniversary was over.  I felt like I’d spent eleven months with an anticipatory knot in my stomach; in quiet moments, dreaming of televisual adaptations of… 827 more words

Doctor Who

KKLAK! LIVES V – An Unearthly Child (pilot)

There’s a reason why An Unearthly Child may be so well directed; it’s the televisual equivalent of a first album – something you have a lifetime to work on.  725 more words

Doctor Who

KKLAK! LIVES IV – An Unearthly Child

With the self-aware cruelty that comes from being an adult, I once forced my four god-children to watch this episode.  Not the story that we now call… 748 more words

Doctor Who

An Unearthly Child

So we commence the journey through over 53 years of travels through time and space. Right next to a school in a junk yard, in a little blue box… 372 more words

Monday Meme: The First Doctor

I made this meme for my Doctor Who college class I teach.

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