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An Unearthly Podcast: The Daleks' Master Plan

In our 104th episode, the AUP crew tackles the longest undisputed Doctor Who story of all time – the 12-part “Daleks’ Master Plan”!

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An Unearthly Podcast: The Chase

In our 103rd episode, The Daleks are at it again as they chase after the Doctor in a new TIme Machine…. that they got some where… *shrug* Join the Unearthly crew as we talk about “The Chase”!

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Doctor Who - The Tenth Planet

Despite being a fan of Doctor Who for rather a long time now, I’ve only just gotten around to watching one of the classic stories, The Tenth Planet. 795 more words

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Why the BBC should animate ... Marco Polo

In my second of three proposals for Doctor Who missing episodes the BBC ought to animate, I am completely changing tack to my previous proposal… 417 more words

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