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Upon viewing the very first episode of Doctor Who, would anyone have believe that the series would still be on the air fifty-plus years later? Yes, there were gaps, but you know what I mean. 438 more words


Day 18: The Aztecs


The Aztecs is considered a classic of the Hartnell era for good reason. It’s a great story. It’s 4 episodes, which is generally the sweet spot when it comes to story length; not too short, not too long. 509 more words

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Doctor Who Rewind: An Unearthly Child (STORY REVIEW)

Doctor Who Rewind is a project I’ve been meaning to begin heading for some time. It’s an itch that’s needed scratching long before I got married. 851 more words

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Day 17: The Keys of Marinus


I finished Marco Polo on the way to work in the morning and when I got home from work I popped The Keys of Marinus… 512 more words

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Day 17: Marco Polo


I didn’t expect to have such a long gap there. I ordered the first box set with the audio of the first batch of lost William Hartnell episodes 3 times. 644 more words

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Picture of the Day: On Top of the World (And the Console)

From 1964: William Hartnell Perches in this publicity still.


Doctor Who - Complete Episode List Including Missing Episodes

Doctor Who is the World’s Longest Running science fiction program. It’s also one of the longest-running scripted dramas in the world. But, at some point in the series’s history, the BBC decided to clear out space in their vaults, and many older programs, including… 1,228 more words

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