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37 - The Romans

This was not a serial I expected to enjoy when I bought the Rescue/Romans boxset, and I am sure is a story several fans will be surprised to see so high in my list of enjoyed stories. 450 more words

First Doctor

Picture of the Day: Taking Out The (Dalek) Trash

From 1965: A Dalek gets the garbage bin removal treatment during filming of The Chase.

Doctor Who

Animation: What Next?

Welcome to the Chumbley Club!  Let’s set aside all the new blog information and “about” stuff and for now all you need to know is that this is a blog that will be mostly but not entirely about Doctor Who.  1,837 more words

The Power Of The Daleks

Destiny of the Doctor: Hunters of Earth (1st Doctor and Susan)

Writer: Nigel Robinson

Director: John Ainsworth

Running Time: 1 hour, 15 minutes

Note: The “Destiny of the Doctor” series is  a collaboration between Big Finish and AudioGo, running through the lives of Doctors 1-11, celebrating the TV show’s 50th anniversary. 378 more words

Audio Dramas

Who Rejuvenated: The Power of the Daleks

One of the great tragedies of Doctor Who is that so many early episodes have been lost to posterity. The BBC’s policy of deleting archived material between 1967 and 1978 means that almost one hundred episodes of the Doctor’s adventures are still missing, forming large gaps in his history. 1,002 more words

Science Fiction

The Five Faces of Doctor Who

It’s a little staggering to realise that The Five Faces of Doctor Who repeat season began airing in early November 1981.  Thirty five years, where has the time gone? 617 more words


Remembering the Doctor: The First Doctor

With November being Doctor Who month, I decided to spend the next twelve days recapping my favorite stories from each of the twelve Doctors. And because I’ve been clever, this whole series will end on the day before Doctor Who Day! 181 more words

Doctor Who