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Episode 015 - "The Singing Sands"

Our educational jaunt continues, as we learn about the phrase, “check mate”, discover that deserts are hot, and find that, shockingly, people need water to live! 89 more words


48 - The Tenth Planet

This review really needs no introduction. To long-time fans of Doctor Who, this is quite possibly the most important surviving story, even surpassing An Unearthly Child… 682 more words

First Doctor

The Slave Traders

The literal cliffhanger from the previous episode (we see a lovely model TARDIS fall down a ravine) is negated here in the most offhand way – although this very much fits in with the tone of the episode.   576 more words

William Hartnell

Episode 014 - "The Roof of the World"

And so behind a story which, in one episode, contains more Chinese characters than the entirety of Firefly. This is also episode number fourteen, which is one more than that other series. 194 more words


Episode 013 - "The Brink of Disaster", and My Thoughts on Story 003

Turns out the rather masculine hands glimpsed last episode belonged to the only other male on the TARDIS. Who would have guessed?

This is such a short serial that I’ll review this episode and this story as a whole all in this one article. 280 more words


Wanderers in the fourth dimension

I recently said that I much prefer the old series of Doctor Who (1963 – 1989) to the new series.

The William Hartnell era (1963-66): 970 more words


Desperate Measures

The Rescue was the first story of Doctor Who‘s second production block, but it was touch and go for a while as to whether the series would continue after  493 more words

William Hartnell