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William Herschel descubre a Titania y Oberón, los satélites más grandes de Urano.

Un 11 de enero de 1787 el músico y astrónomo británico William Herschel (1738 –  1822)  descubrió las dos lunas más grandes del Planeta Urano nombradas… 80 more words


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Volcano on the Moon?

Volcano on the Moon[1]

0n the evening of March 7, 1794, William Wilkins took a stroll up Castle Hill in Norwich, England, to see if he could spot Mercury in the evening sky. 2,082 more words


Cosmic Surprises Keep Blowing Our Minds

Cosmic Surprises Keep Blowing Our Minds[1]

Some areas of science advance in increments. We see slow evolutionary improvements in aeronautical engineering and medical discoveries. But astronomy is different. 788 more words

Nature Of Science

480 Discovery of Uranus

Uranus appears as a featureless disk, photography by Voyager 2 in 1986. Voyager continues its trek in the Milky Way.

On March 13, 1781, German-born English astronomer William Herschel discovered Uranus from his garden in Bath, England. 296 more words

Solar System

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