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John Louis Emil Dreyer

Wondered why Galaxies and Nebulae have an NGC number preceding them?

…Then you should get to know astronomer John Dreyer

John Louis Emil Dreyer (February 13, 1852 – September 14, 1926) was a  349 more words


Enormous Gas Storm Strikes Uranus

Written by: Aymen Sherwani – Grade 10

Pun Intended.

Being the 7th planet away from the Sun, it is not visible to the naked eye, and when first seen with a telescope, William Herschel wanted to name it ‘George’. 345 more words



March 13th in history:

Attorney Clarence Darrow, the defense lawyer at the Scopes “Monkey” trial, died on this date in 1938. It was exactly 13 years after the day the Tennessee House voted to ban the teaching of evolution in state schools. 77 more words

Today In History

This Week In History: March 9-15

March 9, 1796: Napoleon marries his first wife, Josephine de Beauharnais.

March 10, 1804: A formal ceremony is conducted in St. Louis, Missouri to transfer ownership of the Louisiana Territory from France to the US. 47 more words


Titania and Oberon

January 11, 1787: William Herschel looks into the night sky – again. Herschel was a German born British astronomer and composer. He was born in Hanover in 1738 and moved to England at the age of nineteen. 599 more words


January 11 - Oberon and Titania

January 11th 1787 was a good day for William Herschel.  Not many of us get to discover even one major moon in a lifetime, but on this particular day in history Herschel was fortunate enough to find both the largest moon of Uranus, … 186 more words

Going On Up There Then

Capturing light and memory

That photography was invented by an astronomer is the nicest story I have ever heard. After running in the dunes I looked through Facebook today made me feel cosy everybody’s christmas pictures just like warm stars. 494 more words