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The Faith of Georgian England

Once again we are thrilled to welcome our guest, the lovely Regan Walker, author of a Christmas story, ‘ The Holly & The Thistle‘ (full details of how to purchase her book are given below). 3,438 more words


The Great Astronomer - Frederick William Herschel

German born British astronomer, the founder of sidereal astronomy for the systematic observation of the heavens. He discovered the planet Uranus, hypothesized that nebulae are composed of stars, and developed a theory of stellar evolution. 621 more words


Planets of our Solar System: Uranus

today lets see some stuff about Uranus!
Uranus was named after the god of sky. It is third largest planet but fourth in mass. 416 more words


November 15 - Asteroid 21 Lutetia

Asteroid 21 Lutetia was discovered on November 15th 1852 by Hermann Goldschmidt.  It’s about 100 km (60 miles) in diameter, is irregularly shaped,  fairly dense and heavily cratered. 200 more words


Astronomy halloween with jupiter ghost

William Herschel discovered the nebula on February 7, 1785, and cataloged it as H IV.27. John Herschel observed it from the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa, in the 1830s, and… 142 more words


Flagstones of the week

Cue jingle: ♫ favourite flagstones of the week!!!! 

And this week’s winners are…

These flagstones are part of the workroom floor at the rear of William Herschel’s house in Bath, where he made his own lenses and other optical equipment. 57 more words


Uranus: the mould-breaker

(excerpted from my book, Sun, Moon and Stars)

The seventh planet dealt a serious blow to old ideas about the universe. From the beginning, Uranus lived up to its association with innovation and technology.

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