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Flagstones of the week

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These flagstones are part of the workroom floor at the rear of William Herschel’s house in Bath, where he made his own lenses and other optical equipment. 57 more words


Uranus: the mould-breaker

(excerpted from my book, Sun, Moon and Stars)

The seventh planet dealt a serious blow to old ideas about the universe. From the beginning, Uranus lived up to its association with innovation and technology.

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Our Solar System : Planet Uranus

1. Uranus, named after the father of the – Roman god Saturn

2. British astronomer William Herschel discovered Uranus accidentally on – March 13, 1781… 123 more words

Our Solar System


Two by William Herschel (1738-1822):


“Seeing is in some respects an art, which must be learnt.”


“By reflecting a little on this subject I am almost convinced that those numberless small Circuses we see on the Moon are the works of Lunarians and may be called their Towns.”

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Drop it like it's hot

NGC 2440

Ngc 2440 is a planetary nebula, one of many in our galaxy. Its central star, HD62166, is possibly the hottest known white dwarf… 89 more words


The Wolf and the First Trojan Asteroid

Maximilian Franz Joseph Cornelius Wolf (June 21, 1863 – October 3, 1932) was a German astronomer and a pioneer in the field of astrophotography. He was Chairman of Astronomy at the  311 more words


going over my oberon

Big Moon of Uranus

Oberon, also designated Uranus IV, is the outermost major moon of the planet Uranus. It is the second-largest and second most massive of the Uranian moons, and the ninth most massive moon in the  444 more words