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10th May 1773. 'Let there be Light, and Sound!

The seven Colour Frequencies and seven Sound Frequencies are used by the eyes, ears and via artistic endeavour, in music and painting.

Today in 1773 at the age of 35, William Herschel purchased a copy of James Ferguson’s Astronomy. 498 more words


History of of Infrared Thermography

The credit for conceiving the concept of an infrared radiation goes to William Herschel, the astronomer, in the early 19th century. Herschel showcased the outcome of his experiment in 1800 in front of the Royal Society of London. 440 more words

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Wednesday's Book Review: "Intimate Universality"

Intimate Universality: Local and Global Themes in the History of Climate and Weather. Edited by James Rodger Fleming, Vladimir Jankovic, and Deborah R. Coen. Sagamore Beach: MA: Science History Publications, 2006. 498 more words


Astronomy and Forensic Science - The Herschel Connection

When I was in Bath on Friday evening I made a point of visiting the Herschel Museum, which is located in the house in which Sir William Herschel lived for a time, before moving to Slough. 453 more words

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John Louis Emil Dreyer

Wondered why Galaxies and Nebulae have an NGC number preceding them?

…Then you should get to know astronomer John Dreyer

John Louis Emil Dreyer (February 13, 1852 – September 14, 1926) was a  349 more words


Enormous Gas Storm Strikes Uranus

Written by: Aymen Sherwani – Grade 10

Pun Intended.

Being the 7th planet away from the Sun, it is not visible to the naked eye, and when first seen with a telescope, William Herschel wanted to name it ‘George’. 345 more words



March 13th in history:

Attorney Clarence Darrow, the defense lawyer at the Scopes “Monkey” trial, died on this date in 1938. It was exactly 13 years after the day the Tennessee House voted to ban the teaching of evolution in state schools. 77 more words

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