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Akbar to Independence and beyond: Ram Mohan Roy to Macaulay

Part two of my early historic review toward Hindu nationalism, undertaken when I first arrived in India in an effort to understand her.

To large for one post, here is part two, from Ram Mohan Roy to Macaulay, revealing my thinking of the past. 956 more words

Indian History

The Age of Adaline: Who wants to live forever?

There’s a TV show I’m watching at the moment called Forever, starring Ioan Gruffudd as the lead character who cannot age. In each episode something happens to trigger his memory to a time in his past when a similar thing happened. 626 more words



I was killing time on Facebook one day, just clicking on links to 22 weirdest things kids ever said, etc., when I came across a post on old black and white photos that had been colorized.   241 more words

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The History of the Symbol Pi and the Man who Invented it -Courtesy of The Guardian

This article gives a detailed history of the symbol Pi and William Jones who is first accredited with its use.

Happy reading.

Applications Of Mathematics

Pi Day Cymru - William Jones

To find out more about William Jones see the article by Prof Gareth Roberts:


Diolch yn Fawr to Welsh Government for their support of Pi Day Cymru

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Today We Celebrate Pi Day with Mathematicians Everywhere!

Do you remember learning about Pi in school and wondered how an equation measuring the circumference of a circle could be calculated to over one trillion digits beyond its decimal point? 216 more words