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...crime and punishment - a whistle, a red card and a suspension?...

…forging on through the obfuscation and inaction, undaunted, despite the obviousness of the farce….

It seems like only like yesterday, May of this year, when the US DoJ really showed the world who is the boss of world justice, and winner of the World Cup of Justice. 910 more words


William K. Black: The Worst of the Worst of the Worst: New Century and its Economics Shills - New Economic Perspectives

I have often noted the existence of a primitive tribal taboo shared by virtually all economists against using the “f” word – “fraud.”  I have found a new example that sums up many of the pathologies of economics and economists. 

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...corporate enrichment for inaction? all hail the conquering us hero...

…anybody remembers lanny breuer? qed…

It was patently obvious. Yet, most elsewhere would know what most in the US chose to ignore. US democracy is a fiction, a fraud perpetrated on a distracted population. 287 more words


Resisting Financial Conquest by Michael Hudson + US Hedge Funds Get Bailed Out if Greeks Pass Bailout Referendum

by Michael Hudson
Writer, Dandelion Salad
As published on Counterpunch
June 30, 2015

Back in January upon coming into office, Syriza probably could not have won a referendum on whether to pay or not to pay. 1,689 more words


...my brother's keeper? another 'pen', or a better baltimore?...

…whew! so, west baltimore is finally gone, ‘disappeared’ from the impatient US MSM, back to its invisibility. even if of stark poverty, destitution and hopelessness… 1,264 more words


Baltimore, MD - Just One of the Many Grim, Social Tragedies in the US

The shame they had hoped would stay hidden. And quiet, docile, they had expected ‘these people’ would remain. Not so.

Grim, fickle fate awaited Freddie Gray of Baltimore, MD, and death was his destiny, shackled and shaken in a police van. 713 more words


William K Black on HSBC, "the world's largest criminal enterprise"

William K Black is an Associate Professor of Law and Economics, and a former bank regulator. In a post on the New Economic Perspectives blog, he discusses the latest HSBC scandal, and the unwillingness of today’s regulators to do their job: 106 more words