Silver Bugs and Presidential Elections

Presidential elections bring about a lot of exonumia. Each and every election turns out great pieces that in turn become much more collectible through time. 364 more words


Bernie Sanders... or William Jennings Bryan?

Who’s the outsider politician who simultaneously maintains a rebel stance against business-as-usual politics while being a party mainstay? The man who takes a stand against corporate money in politics while lambasting Republican cronyism? 646 more words


Cuba ought to be free and independent, and the government should be turned over to the Cuban people. – William McKinley http://ift.tt/23zIZMW

William McKinley

Entertainment Desires

(Image retrieved from Pixabay.com/Barni1)

Born to Mathias and Anna Evans Brown, comedian Joe E. Brown first began to entertain people as an acrobat. Acrobatics, he thought, was what he wanted to work at to help with the family income, but by the time he was seven he’d already become gainfully employed as a newspaper carrier. 446 more words

Joe E Brown

Hooray for Bill McKinley!

Something for the weekend:  Hooray for Bill McKinley!  The above video is the first film ever taken of an American President.  It shows William McKinley conducting his Front Porch Campaign during the 1896 presidential campaign.  87 more words

Rev. Owen L.W. Smith, US Minister to Liberia

Today I stumbled upon a trove of materials about the the trailblazing Rev. Owen L.W. Smith (1851-1926).  Rev. Smith was born into slavery in Giddenville, Sampson County, NC to Ollen Smith and Maria Hicks and  was a servant in the Confederate army and later a soldier in the US army  at the Battle of Bentonville.  201 more words

You triumphed over obstacles which would have overcome men less brave and determined.