The election of 1896 was the first real Rural Urban Divide in the United States

It can be difficult to understand the magnitude of events as they are occurring. Seemingly large events at the time can seem underwhelming when viewed through the lens of history, and others may seem like business as usual but may have repercussions for years, decades, or even centuries to come. 953 more words

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US Presidents #21-30 and their bewildering coffee associations (Part 3 of 5)

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Coffee has had its share of historical moments with US presidents.  Here are interesting, random coffee factoids for US presidents 21 through 30. 577 more words


Presidents McKinley, Roosevelt, and Taft - History Essay

William McKinley, born on January 29, 1843, was a Republican and a Union Civil War veteran. He worked in Ohio, his birth state, as a lawyer until he was elected to Congress in 1876. 1,207 more words


McKinley's Ride

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Quartermasters don’t usually have their stories spread nationally or warrant monuments, but William McKinley, 25th President of the Unites States, has one at Antietam. 1,594 more words

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November 26, 1918

Tues 26   Not so cold   a fine morning & we are fixing to go to KC for the day   I rested well last nite & feel good this morn   I ate 3 pancakes for breakfast   I hope we hear from our Dr & Soldier boy Leslie to day   tis over 2 weeks since we heard he was just starting for France   at 9 am we all started to KC & took a Nabor girl Martha Woodberry along   Willard & I went to rr office & I bot a round trip 2 tickets to Los angeles & return to KC by S route including 2 sleeper standard tickets to Denver for $216  went to Bank & got a $400 draft cashd   took $200 bills & $200 draft   we all went to caffateri for dinner   I pd the bill 2,85   we went to market   I bot string beans 15c apples 50c pears 40c   Willard got some catfish &c  home at dark   letter from Ellen & John… 18 more words

1898-1923 Leaving The Farm Behind

Top Trials of the 20th Century

5  Top Trials

of the

20th Century

Every so often there are trials that become so famous they grab the attention of millions of people from around the world. 1,241 more words


The ETO turns 75

General Pershing’s arrival in first England and then France one hundred years ago this week is often understood to mark a turning point in American-European relations. 413 more words

Theodore Roosevelt Jr (President)