"Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies"*...

As if things weren’t weird enough…

By a number of political measures, this year bears an uncanny resemblance to the transformative 1896 presidential election… It pitted Republican William McKinley against Democrat William Jennings Bryan.

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ECW Honors the Mahoning Valley (OH) Civil War Roundtable

As part of our fifth anniversary, Emerging Civil War is pleased to inaugurate a new Roundtable of the Year Award. The first recipient of this award is the… 350 more words

Emerging Civil War

William McKinley and His America — H. Wayne Morgan

McKinley is a fascinating president. It’s easy to forget how momentous his presidency was but that short burst of time from 1897 to 1901 was what catapulted the US onto the world stage. 694 more words


He Gave Away His Lucky Flower -- and Ran Out of Luck

President William McKinley was known for wearing a red carnation. He referred to it as his “lucky flower,” and he began the practice of placing a fresh carnation in his lapel after winning his first Congressional campaign in 1876. 203 more words


Silver Bugs and Presidential Elections

Presidential elections bring about a lot of exonumia. Each and every election turns out great pieces that in turn become much more collectible through time. 364 more words


Jacob Cox - A Civil War General Born in Canada

An estimated 50,000 Canadians served during the American Civil War. Four would rise to the rank of General in the Union Army, including Montreal-born Jacob Dolson Cox. 385 more words

Bernie Sanders... or William Jennings Bryan?

Who’s the outsider politician who simultaneously maintains a rebel stance against business-as-usual politics while being a party mainstay? The man who takes a stand against corporate money in politics while lambasting Republican cronyism? 646 more words