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Yours Truly, Philip Webb

To William Morris, from Rome, on foundation of Socialist League, 3 February 1885 (V&A). How did you put you accts in order as treasurer of S.D.F when you parted company? 66 more words

Philip Webb


This post consists of going back through my work and finding something I enjoyed… Papercutting.

It’s very time consuming and you need to be precise but I found it addictive all be it back breaking… … 54 more words


Summer in Birmingham: Love is Enough at BMAG

Guest blog by Lauren Morton @MissMorton

Summer in Birmingham: Love is Enough at BMAG

Yesterday I visited the Love Is Enough exhibition at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery… 573 more words


Stuff, but good stuff.

When we had the babies, we were very kindly given A LOT of stuff. The thing I found with most of this stuff, particularly the kid stuff was that it didn’t really work properly from a functionality perspective and also a lot of it was properly ugly. 293 more words


how neat and comforting the steady march of the regiment

“Do not be deceived by the outside appearance of order in our plutocratic society. It fares with it as it does with the older norms of war, that there is an outside look of quite wonderful order about it; how neat and comforting the steady march of the regiment; how quiet and respectable the sergeants look; how clean the polished cannon … the looks of adjutant and sergeant as innocent-looking as may be, nay, the very orders for destruction and plunder are given with a quiet precision which seems the very token of a good conscience; this is the mask that lies before the ruined cornfield and the burning cottage, and mangled bodies, the untimely death of worthy men, the desolated home.”
William Morris


More Than A Meadow - Aerial Photography at Compton Verney

At one time or another, most everybody wonders of the sights our feathered friends enjoy. To be a bird flying high above tree covered hills and swooping low over lakes and meadows, perching high in branches or hopping silently across lawns. 244 more words

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