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book review: The Big Rewind

The Big Rewind by Libby Cudmore. William Morrow| February 2016| 241 pages | $14.99| ISBN: 978-0-06-240353-7

RATING: ***/5*

“We never had to lose touch with anybody; our Facebooks were filled with people we hadn’t spoken to in years, just in case we ever needed to find out how many kids our best friend from nursery school had or whether the guy who sat in front of us in Earth Science had ever come out as gay.” 515 more words


Short Take - Fiction: Under the Influence - Joyce Maynard

With her ninth novel, Maynard garners yet another Indie Next Pick and continues to prove herself a bookseller favorite. Her twisty, suspenseful novels always come with a strong dose of moral complexity that also makes them great for book clubs. 184 more words


Short Take - Nonfiction: Raising Ryland - Hillary Whittington

Readers—parents especially–who were drawn to the bestseller Becoming Nicole, will also find a model for supporting trans kids in the Whittington’s story. The family’s original homemade video about Ryland has garnered over 7.7 million views on YouTube. 164 more words


Short Take - Suspense: What Remains of Me - Alison Gaylin

Gaylin’s first hardcover novel is preceded by several bestsellers in mass market. She’s won a Shamus Award and was an Edgar Award nominee. So she arrives with a fan base ready for more of her top-notch twisty psychological suspense. 221 more words


New Fiction: The Opposite of Everyone - Joshilyn Jackson

Jackson will be a familiar voice to many readers. A bestselling author many times over, she is especially beloved by the Indies. Her Southern-inflected stories are wise cracking, tough and infused by a core kindness that allows a complex humanity to shine through her characters. 487 more words


Adult Book of the Week: Be Frank with Me - Julia Claiborne Johnson

This debut knocks it out of the park! It’s the hilarious, charming, completely delicious story of 9-year-old Frank Banning, an odd-ball autodidact with a love of old Hollywood movies and a tendency to dress like their debonair heroes. 920 more words


Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter

I was absolutely unprepared for the nasty horror in Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter. This was the first book I’ve read of Slaughter’s (her last name seems fitting now) and didn’t know what to expect. 272 more words