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Marsilio Ficino and William of Ockham

Ancient wisdom states,

…there is no new thing under the sun. – Ecclesiates 1:9 (New World Translation)

Did Renaissance philosophers invent philosophy? Of course not.

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The Razor Ockham *Should* Have Proposed

Ockham’s Razor is the heuristic sometimes known as the lex parsimoniae: the Law of Parsimony. As he actually proposed it:

Numquam ponenda est pluralitas sine necessitate…

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Metaphysics & Natural Philosophy

Cur Deus Homo & Other Roman Problems: Some Quiddities

The valuable EH Looney – an orthospherean through and through, let it be noted, and so our ally and friend (witly or not), whose site I visit daily – has in a recent short post subtly erred, in three different and interesting ways. 1,526 more words


What Then of William of Ockham?

“What then of Ockham? He supposes that the conservation of all things in being shows that a first efficient cause exists, but he does not consider that the demonstration from efficient causality works. 385 more words