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Suspicion about God, Religion, and Other Such Things

Maybe it’s more accurate to call it all-out skepticism rather than just suspicion. Knowing I’m about to paint with broad strokes, I start by stating that the modern world generally has little respect for God-or the gods, depending on who you talk to-and His/their followers.   1,443 more words

Council Of Trent

Good Design is Timeless

There are no absolutes in good architectural design. Personal taste differs from one individual to another. Some like simple austere forms, modernist and functional, and some like exuberant decoration, from the gothic to art nouveau. 315 more words

The Philosopher's Lexicon: Occam's Razor

Welcome back to The Philosopher’s Lexicon. My primary goal in this series is to explore common philosophical vocabulary, hopefully transforming these words from useless jargon into meaningful terms. 927 more words



The simplest answer


Is the right one

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Of all the

Possible answers

To life’s

Dramatic questions

The simplest never

Includes the heart… 15 more words


Quote of the Day

Frustra fit per plura, quod potest fieri per pauciora. It is pointless to do with more what can be done with fewer.

—William of Ockham


No Way Out But In

A proposition that cannot be carried into practice at all cannot be true. An act that cannot be implemented in actuality must be somehow incoherent: self-refuting – for example, you can’t mean it when you say, “this statement is a lie” – or a contradiction in terms either simple or implicit – e.g., there’s just no way to implement “2 + 3 = 4,” for it is a contradiction in terms. 1,039 more words


Generation 467, 1320-1340. Two worlds, two natures

In this generation, the Mediterranean was dominated by two powers.  But the exchange of ideas only went one way, so far as I can tell, with consequences that are still felt today. 1,017 more words