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Cur Deus Homo & Other Roman Problems: Some Quiddities

The valuable EH Looney – an orthospherean through and through, let it be noted, and so our ally and friend (witly or not), whose site I visit daily – has in a recent short post subtly erred, in three different and interesting ways. 1,526 more words


What Then of William of Ockham?

“What then of Ockham? He supposes that the conservation of all things in being shows that a first efficient cause exists, but he does not consider that the demonstration from efficient causality works. 385 more words


The Worse, the Better

It’s an odd argument, but in the Pope Francis era it seems to be more prevalent. It runs something like this:

He’s a lousy husband, angry, selfish, a slob, and abusive, but that makes him the husband God gave me all the more. 832 more words

Roman Catholicism

"Ours is a culture and a time as immensely rich in trash as it is in treasures"*...

… and sometimes the trash is treasure:

There’s a Covanta Holding Corp. incinerator outside Philadelphia that produces electricity from burning garbage. It also produces something else: stacks and stacks of blackened, sooty coins.

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William of Ockham has left the building

I sometimes wonder what William of Ockham would think if he were alive today.

He was, if you recall, a Franciscan friar and philosopher who lived in the 14th century, and to whom the “law of parsimony” is attributed. 286 more words